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Why I Won’t Recommend A Tablet To Anyone

People think I have some secret or all-encompassing knowledge about Chinese tablets.

That’s not even in the same neighborhood as the truth.

First, there are many tablets I don’t pay attention to. Why?

Second, because I have specific needs: a 7.9 or 9.7-inch 4:3 screen. Period. I’m not interested in 10.1-inch 16:9/10 screens and I ignore all coverage of them I see at Chinese tech sites. I included some 8-inch tablets here because their low price intrigued and surprised me.

Third, I’m really only interested in what I need. Even though it looks like I’m doing a blog here for everybody, I’m not. Anyone else benefiting is simply a side-effect of my own quest for the best tablet for me.

Fourth, I don’t keep all tablet specs and reviews in my head. That’s a waste of my brain space. I write posts here so I can look up whatever I need. I know how dickish that sounds, but I’m simply being efficient in my wording here. If I was really a dick, there’d be no Comments.

Fifth, there is no best tablet, period. I don’t know where anyone is getting this idea. It’s an impossible notion. It’s like asking, “What’s the best fish?” Any Chef would reply, “The best fish for what? Baking? Poaching? Grilling? Sandwiches? Cat food?” So “best tablet” for what?

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Large Images Of New Thunderbirds 1, 2, 3, 4

After the break, the largest images of each of the vehicles from the upcoming Thunderbirds Are Go that have yet been published!

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Chuwi VX8 3G: Windows 8.1 Edition


IMP3Net runs some hard-sell press material from Chuwi that confirms the upcoming VX8 3G will also have a Windows 8.1 edition [Google Translate].

Since this tablet will offer 3G (with the usual caveats that it might not be compatible outside of China), it will probably do GPS as well.

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New Video: Windows On Onda V975i

Someone posted a new video to YouTube showing Windows 8.1 running on the Onda V975i.

Unfortunately, by default the video looks like this:


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Teclast Android X89HD Can Flash To Windows 8.1

In a Weibo communique today, Teclast revealed a headache no one in their right mind wants:


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Xiaomi MiPad 64GB Open Sales

In a Weibo communique, Xiaomi reaffirms no-appointment sales and has added the white color 64GB version of the MiPad to the list of items available to buy right now (with a 3-to-4 week wait for delivery — which these days seems unusual but that’s how the world used to work prior to Amazon).


The list of all available-now Xiaomi products.

A Xiaomi account is needed — and it needs to be tied to a cellphone inside China. See my ordering attempt in the prior post.

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Another Apple Store Opens In China


According to a Weibo communique from Bigertech, a new Apple Store opened in Jiangbei District, Chongqing North City. It has “glass side walls up to 11 meters, which is currently the highest in Asia Apple store glass wall.”


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Onda V975w: Driver Package

It turns out there’s a package of drivers for the Onda V975w. This was revealed on the Onda forum when an owner complained of Bluetooth not working [Google Translate].

To get the download package, go to the page for the Onda V97w:


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Onda V975w: BIOS Update, Windows Activation

Same-day update: See update within post.

See, this is why I will never be the first to buy any hardware at all: The first batch is never the final product.

In a Weibo communique today, Onda announced the availability of a BIOS update for the V975w, their 64-bit Bay Trail-T Z3735D-based Windows tablet:


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