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Are Cheap Android Tablets A Brochure To Buy An iPad?

Steve Jobs, 1985, Playboy interview:

Playboy: How about the low-priced computers: Commodore and Atari?

Jobs: I consider those a brochure for why you should buy an Apple II or Macintosh. I think people have already determined that the sub-$500 computers don’t do very much. They either tease people to want more or frustrate people completely.

Playboy: What about some of the smaller portables?

Jobs: They are OK if you’re a reporter and trying to take notes on the run. But for the average person, they’re really not that useful, and there’s not all that software for them, either. By the time you get your software done, a new one comes out with a slightly bigger display and your software is obsolete. So nobody is writing any software for them. Wait till we do it — the power of a Macintosh in something the size of a book!

I did a screensnap of that too.

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Crashy-Crashy iPhone 6? Swap It.

Apple Said to Be Stopping Use of TLC NAND Flash in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus After Reported Issues

Users who are experiencing an unusual amount of boot loops and crashes with their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus are recommended to bring their devices back to an Apple Retail Store for a replacement.

Apple acknowledges the problem even though their fanboiz wouldn’t.

This is why fanboiz can never work for Apple.

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The Apple Graft Train

The True Bendgate: How Apple Bends Reality and Why the Media is Playing Along

After the conversation each journalist is handed a white bag containing an iTunes voucher, an iPhone jacket and a device in the reporters “favorite color”. These items are referred to as “permanent loans”. This year they even gave us two models for testing – the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus (sales value between 699.00 and 999.00 US$). We were kindly requested to send one of them back soon.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Once again I point people to my FTC Disclosure.

If you have to bribe people, just how good is your product really?

If a reporter won’t buy them, what’s their real merit?

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Tim Cook Q&A In China


This bit floored me:


The interview is here [Google Translate].

The other bit of news is that Apple intends to increase the number of Apple Stores there from fifteen to forty in the next two years.

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Apple Gives Itself Unfair eBooks Advantage

This is the iTunes Preview listing for iBooks (which is now, with iOS 8, pre-installed on all iOS devices):


It has an Age Rating of 4+.

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Please don’t make us use iCloud anymore

Quoting a developer:

Don’t use iCloud. iCloud Drive is a complete mess. Stay away from it.

But hey, don’t worry, be happy! Apple certainly was, in their Amateur Comedy Time keynote last week.

Get back to your fucking roots, Apple: Why Every Company Needs A ‘No Bozos’ Policy

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It’s Time For Apple To Copy Xiaomi

So many words have been written about Xiaomi copying Apple.

But there’s one way Apple should be copying Xiaomi.


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The iPhone 6 Plus: It Begins

Previously here:

InB4 The Idiots Who Get PAID To Write This Shit


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Tyrant Gold iPad

Sina Tech News sums up my reaction in its Weibo communiqué emoticon:


Ill. Or better English: Sickening.

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TONS of iPhone 6 Shipped

93 tons arrived in the United States iPhone6 ​​open book boom

That’s about 600,000 iPhone 6 flying to the U.S.. Cook intends to have seventy million made by the end of the year.

I saw a photo of an airfreighter being loaded with an iPhone shipment in Weibo but couldn’t get the large image of it due to Weibo problems.

Next-day update: And here’s that image.


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