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Tim Cook Q&A In China


This bit floored me:


The interview is here [Google Translate].

The other bit of news is that Apple intends to increase the number of Apple Stores there from fifteen to forty in the next two years.

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Apple Gives Itself Unfair eBooks Advantage

This is the iTunes Preview listing for iBooks (which is now, with iOS 8, pre-installed on all iOS devices):


It has an Age Rating of 4+.

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Please don’t make us use iCloud anymore

Quoting a developer:

Don’t use iCloud. iCloud Drive is a complete mess. Stay away from it.

But hey, don’t worry, be happy! Apple certainly was, in their Amateur Comedy Time keynote last week.

Get back to your fucking roots, Apple: Why Every Company Needs A ‘No Bozos’ Policy

Previously here:



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It’s Time For Apple To Copy Xiaomi

So many words have been written about Xiaomi copying Apple.

But there’s one way Apple should be copying Xiaomi.


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The iPhone 6 Plus: It Begins

Previously here:

InB4 The Idiots Who Get PAID To Write This Shit


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Tyrant Gold iPad

Sina Tech News sums up my reaction in its Weibo communiqué emoticon:


Ill. Or better English: Sickening.

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TONS of iPhone 6 Shipped

93 tons arrived in the United States iPhone6 ​​open book boom

That’s about 600,000 iPhone 6 flying to the U.S.. Cook intends to have seventy million made by the end of the year.

I saw a photo of an airfreighter being loaded with an iPhone shipment in Weibo but couldn’t get the large image of it due to Weibo problems.

Next-day update: And here’s that image.


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How To Afford An iPhone 6


Taken from a hilarious article ripping apart Apple, the iPhone 6, and the Apple Watch [Google Translate].

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iPhone 6 Plus: No 32GB Version

These are the options and prices for an unlocked iPhone 6 Plus:


And it doesn’t matter if you choose a subsidized version from a carrier.

There’s just no 32GB version at all. Yet the base model is 16GBs.

This is clearly naked evil. Apple wants unlocked buyers to spring for US$849. Had they made the base model 32GBs, it would have upset their greedy spreadsheet by giving people enough storage not to go further.

Same-day update: It’s the same with the iPhone 6. The iPhone 5s is 16 or 32GBs. The iPhone 5c is now 8GBs only. 8GBs is appalling. Got greed, Apple?


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The NFC Hits The Fan

With the Mi 4 phone, Xiaomi didn’t include NFC as it did in prior phones, claiming that its user statistics showed it wasn’t being used.

When Apple announced NFC in the iPhone 6-series yesterday, I just knew something would erupt in China about Xiaomi dropping NFC. And I was right.

The first Weibo communiqué:


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