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New Category: Google Books PDFs

I’ve decided to place all of my past posts under a Category so everyone — especially me — can find them easily.

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A Reminder Of Other Blogs

iPeople — which hasn’t been updated in a while. I will get back to it when I finally have a tablet.

Mike Cane Reads — which, after being fallow for a long while too, has two new posts today. When I finally have a tablet, that will be updated more than this current xBlog. Or so that is the plan.

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April Fools’ Day-Free Zone

April Fools’ Day

Really, if you’re over, say, sixteen and still pulling pranks on that date, grow the hell up.

Today the Internet will be filled with garbage as arrested-development cases try to make their pathetic serf-like lives matter by messing with everyone else’s minds.

That will not happen here.

Any posts will be the truth and not “Ha! Ha! Gotcha!”-like crap.

A sticky post that will sink this evening.

Scroll down for new posts.

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Chinese New Year


No news out of China until the celebrating ends. Tech blogs basically shut down and even forum posts dry up.

Happy Year of the Horse to all in China.

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Blizzard Day

NYC has been hit — at least in my part of NYC — with a freakin foot of snow.

I don’t have photos yet. Was too busy shoveling the crap. And now I’m inside trying to get full feeling back in my fingers and toes. It’s twelve degrees Fahrenheit outside. With wind.

I’ve already seen pre-CES product announcements I want to post about but expect delays and sporadic posts today due to this — as they stupidly say on TeeVee — “snow condition.”

When the hell does Spring begin?

Same-day update: It is too miserable outside to even think about going around with a damn camera. So, no pictures this time.

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FTC Disclosure Update

I’d tell you to go here and jump to the bottom, but I think this merits repeating here in a post:

November 30, 2013 Update: I should have added this sooner given how it’s come up more than once. There are ads on this blog. I do not put them there. I use the WordPressdotcom service for free. In exchange for that, WordPressdotcom sells ad space to cover my free use. I don’t see these ads unless I’m logged out — and I’m hardly ever logged out. None of the money WordPressdotcom collects goes to me. I have no say over what ads appear, either. I could make the ads go away by paying for a premium tier of WordPressdotcom but I’m not yet at the point where that’s something I want to do. This is not intended to be a permanent endeavor like a professional website that exists to pay people. That this one blog has now continued for several years surprises even me.

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WordPress Image Problem

Saturday morning and it seems WordPress is having trouble linking to its image database, so images aren’t appearing here.

It will be cleared up in time…

Same-day update: Something unusual is taking place. Internet Traffic Report shows just 70% of the North American Internet is up, with eleven routers down. Is this a cyber attack or some bizarre and coincidental cascade of failure?

Right now, I can’t call up Drudge Report or get to Twitter.

Same-day updates:

1) I also can’t reach Tumblr or Toogles.

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Seven Bleeping Years

I got this Notification today from WordPress:


I wouldn’t have otherwise known. I don’t mark the date.

This was my first post.

Yes, lots of bile has flowed in those years.

I can’t say I’m happy with … oh, ninety-nine percent of it.

But still.

It continues.


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My Twitter Account Has Been Bombed Again


It looks like about two thousand new “Followers” have been added overnight. Update, Friday October 4, 2013: I must have been having a bad day when I posted this. The number is actually a decrease since my first post.

Follower bombing has happened to the Popehat Twitter too: Spam Attack Immediately Follows Post on Brett Kimberlin

When the hell is the tech press going to pick this up?

Previously here:

Twitter Has A New Problem: Follower Bombing

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Three Years


This particular blog began on August 16, 2010.

Three damn years ago.

And I missed the anniversary date.


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