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WordPress Stiffs Desktop Users For Mobile

They made a drastic, dramatic, and absolutely brain-dead stupid change to the posting area in WordPressdotcom yesterday.

Another WordPress user illustrates it:


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Blog Note: Check The Post Date

More than twice in the past week, I’ve gone past the first page of this blog.

This means if you’re popping in here and just scroll to the bottom, you might miss current-day posts that have been pushed to the second page.

Doing this isn’t my choice. I liked it when I was doing four posts a day, tops. How many posts appear depends on what’s popping in China.

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Reminder: See My FTC Disclosure Page

FTC Disclosure

The important bit I’ve put right at the top now, where it can’t be missed.

Because I’m getting reaaaaaally tired of having to disclose shit.

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New Category: Windows Tablets

I’ve had to break down and admit I’ve posted enough about them to have their own category.

During the course of today, I’ll be moving the relevant posts from the “Other Hardware” category to “Windows Tablets.”

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WTF PopOver Ad Here


Did anyone else get that popover ad at this blog?

I don’t know where it came from or if it was an artifact left over from another tab I had open.

If you’ve seen that — or any other popover ad — leave a Comment telling me who the damn advertiser was and what browser you were using.

This is not supposed to happen.


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New Category: Google Books PDFs

I’ve decided to place all of my past posts under a Category so everyone — especially me — can find them easily.

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A Reminder Of Other Blogs

iPeople — which hasn’t been updated in a while. I will get back to it when I finally have a tablet.

Mike Cane Reads — which, after being fallow for a long while too, has two new posts today. When I finally have a tablet, that will be updated more than this current xBlog. Or so that is the plan.

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April Fools’ Day-Free Zone

April Fools’ Day

Really, if you’re over, say, sixteen and still pulling pranks on that date, grow the hell up.

Today the Internet will be filled with garbage as arrested-development cases try to make their pathetic serf-like lives matter by messing with everyone else’s minds.

That will not happen here.

Any posts will be the truth and not “Ha! Ha! Gotcha!”-like crap.

A sticky post that will sink this evening.

Scroll down for new posts.

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Chinese New Year


No news out of China until the celebrating ends. Tech blogs basically shut down and even forum posts dry up.

Happy Year of the Horse to all in China.

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Blizzard Day

NYC has been hit — at least in my part of NYC — with a freakin foot of snow.

I don’t have photos yet. Was too busy shoveling the crap. And now I’m inside trying to get full feeling back in my fingers and toes. It’s twelve degrees Fahrenheit outside. With wind.

I’ve already seen pre-CES product announcements I want to post about but expect delays and sporadic posts today due to this — as they stupidly say on TeeVee — “snow condition.”

When the hell does Spring begin?

Same-day update: It is too miserable outside to even think about going around with a damn camera. So, no pictures this time.

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