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The Loveliest Sight In The World Today

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The “classic” editor — the one for adults — with its fixed textarea, again, and its internal scrollbar, again.

And that’s text for posts I was working on using WordPad — like an animal!

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It Begins Again, Again

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It works.

So …


New posts coming later today.

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Nope. No Posts Today.

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No Progress, No Blogging

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Yet Again At The Fucking WordPress Support Forum

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Public Relations 101 At The WordPress Support Forum

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And no, my question has not been answered.

It’s been ignored.

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Meanwhile, At The WordPress Support Forum …

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No Blog Today

Another day and still no fix by WordPress.

No blogging until functionality I was able to work with has been restored.

If you are sick of not seeing new posts here, email and tell them they’re killing Mike Cane’s xBlog!

Maybe if they see they’re also pissing off readers they’ll start moving.


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WordPress Is Murdering This Blog

A fourteen page thread of complaints — Removing the scrollbar from the post editor one of the worst “improvements” yet — has disappeared from the WordPress forum after I left this innocuous post:


Same-day update: The thread is there. Because I was lame and relied solely on Search — like Search always works, huh? — I thought it was gone. It’s just now all the way back on page eight of forum topics:


The topic was hot and I couldn’t believe no one would post after me. But this is all my own stupidity.

Now back to the original post to testify to my stupidity …

The thread no longer appears in the list of forum topics and doesn’t even come up in Search!

Some kind of flag was set to turn it invisible except to those who know the direct URL!

Well, I’m a bastard who won’t be so easily stepped on. So now I’ve gone and fucked-up another thread — Beep Beep Boop screen is a joke. Is this a glitch? — with a post:


Rather than ban me again — without any bullshit grounds to do so this time — they’ve apparently made me an UnPerson whose posting can turn a fourteen-paged thread invisible!

Let’s see if my latest post turns a twenty-four-paged thread invisible too!

The paranoid bit of me is saying WordPress sent that other thread to Invisible Guantanamo because other WordPress users could click through to see my complaints here.

Let’s see what happens now.

Same day update: Well, what happened now is that I told people to ignore that post:


The temporary fix is still temporary. If WordPress is not going to restore previous functionality, just fucking tell us outright! I have better things to do than shit like this.

Previously here:

Still Not Back
Not Back Yet
WordPress Fucks Up Again


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Still Not Back

The temporary fix remains temporary.

After over six hundred complaints about the idiotic “blue” editor they tried to foist upon us as the new default, WordPress has now given us an option for the “classic” editor.

They just wasted a ton of coding resources on something no one ever wanted, fucked-up the ability of veteran users, and now are trying to patch things to make it almost like the way it was.

They call themselves “Happiness Engineers.”

This week, all they’ve engineered is misery.

And it’s not over yet.

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