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The Internet Is …

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Alibaba’s Jack Ma Dinner Speech

Via Weibo communiqué:


I’m unable to embed it or even rip it to post to YouTube.

It’s in English and this is the best way to see it.

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This Is How The World Ends


Japan, the land of the virtual girlfriend, has now created for her virtual tits [Google Translate].

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T-Mobile Is Badass


John Legere used “shit,” “bullshit,” “moron,” “fuck,” and “fucker” in his webcast today. Goddam, this is a man with balls.

I liked what I heard. T-Mobile is shaking the shit up in the cellphone industry. It’s long overdue.

To see what he was announcing today, read: T-Mobile makes big Wi-Fi push on heels of iPhone 6’s Wi-Fi calling. I was too busy watching to take my own notes.

Here in The Hood, Boost Mobile has been the big thing. But I’ve lately noticed action heading towards T-Mobile.


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China Reports Mobile Net Users Outnumber Desktop

第34次中国互联网络发展状况统计报告 (Google Translate: Statistical Report on Internet Development 34th China Internet Network)


… as of June 2014, China’s netizens reached 632 million, of which, 527 million mobile phone users, Internet penetration rate reached 46.9%. Internet users device, mobile phone use rate of 83.4%, for the first time beyond the traditional PC usage rate of 80.9 percent overall, the status of the phone as the first major Internet terminal is more consolidated.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Direct PDF link for the full Chinese-language report.

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Ship Of Fools

Japan’s wacky censors: scanning your vagina and turning it into a 3D printer data file is illegal

Igarashi allegedly sent the data to several people who had contributed to her fundraising campaign to construct a “vagina boat.”


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The Hot Book In China Right Now

Xiaomi’s MiPad Weibo published a communique today that contains some staggering information about a book that went viral through social media:


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The Second Rise Of Nikki Finke

So now we know why Nikki Finke’s site didn’t launch on June 2nd: Penske Trying To Shut Me Down

For those not in the know, Penske owns Deadline Hollywood which I founded and ran until our Fall 2013 dust-up. As you know, I dutifully sat out months because of the non-compete. That ended on April 1st when Penske did not pay the 6-figure sum I was owed. So I was able to start work again on June 2nd.

Meanwhile, Penske was negotiating with me to come back to Deadline! He was throwing money at me — nearly $500,000 a year to not even write a word — plus other good stuff. But every time I accepted his settlement, he would change terms adverse to me, and then we’d have to negotiate all over again. So on the night of June 11th, we reached an impasse. And I started up the next day.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Really, anyone in Hollywood who has the idea of not feeding news to Nikki, here’s a clue. Deadline Hollywood is now DEAD-line Hollywood.

Only the cowards feed it and read it.

Those of us who once went there weren’t reading it. We were reading Nikki Finke.

Now we can again.

Previously here:

Welcome Back, Nikki Finke!
Nikki Finke Going Solo Again

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Comic Book Writer Wakes Up, Weeps Years Too Late

Gerry Conway: The ComiXology Outrage

Now, I’ve heard some folks say that Amazon is just trying to avoid paying Apple’s “greedy 30% fee” for in-app purchases. This is such nonsense it almost doesn’t require a response, because there are people out there who have a knee-jerk reaction against Apple that goes beyond critical thinking, but in the hopes of reaching more open-minded readers who might be tempted by that argument, let me address it.

Apple charges 30% for in-app purchases of eBooks, music, video, games. Amazon charges 30% for digital distribution of eBooks, music, video, games. Same deal. Period.

There’s a long and fruitless debate to be had over whether or not Apple “deserves” to make a profit off its App Store. Anti-Apple deniers say no, and their arguments usually boil down to just a dislike of Apple making a profit (or what they consider a “greedy” profit). The fact is, Apple provides a storefront for developers to sell their apps, and as any store owner would, asks for a piece of the money the developers make as a result. Mall owners ask store owners to pay rent. It’s a normal business transaction. Happens every day. Apple’s App Store provides developers with access, and gives them three ways to pay for the privilege: developers can charge for the app directly (and Apple takes a cut, 30%, same as Amazon); developers can provide the app for “free” and Apple will place ads in the app (ad-supported payment, like Google search); or developers can offer in-app purchases (and Apple takes their 30% cut, one step removed).

Please, bitch. Please.

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Chinese Livestreams Make Money

Lucrative Stardom in China, Using a Webcam and a Voice [If paywalled, plop the title into Google; could work.]

Live web shows are empowering amateur entertainers, some of whom can now earn $90,000 annually, nearly 30 times the average Chinese salary.


From a run-down apartment complex, Poison often performs live for more than 10,000 online viewers a night (a birthday concert once drew 36,000 viewers), making her one of the most popular performers on YY’s Entertainment channel.

I think this is one of those things that can’t cross cultures, just as Japan’s DoCoMo was possible only in that country.

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