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Teclast Dual-System X98 Air 3G: The Scam

Just four days after notifying everyone that they selected one hundred “exclusive” people to get the new Android-Windows dual-system Teclast X98 Air 3G, Teclast announces this today via Weibo communiqué:


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Fraud Alert: Fake Xiaomi Power Banks On Amazon India

Same-day update: Headline changed to reflect this is Amazon in India, not U.S..

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Fake: Xiaomi And Apple Store

Aside from looking like MiBand Day here, it’s also looking like Fake Day.

Weibo communiqué:


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Alert: Fake CUBE Parts On Taobao

Weibo communiqué alert:


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Fakes: Counterfeit MiBand, Phony MiCar

A Weibo communiqué about counterfeit MiBand sales:


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The Meizu Vs. Xiaomi Weibo War: Meizu Busted

Poor Wang Jun! Offered 5,600 yuan to raise a “water army” (“navy”) to spam Weibo accounts on behalf of Meizu — and he didn’t get paid because the scheme was exposed!

The details are here (use Chrome or Bing Translator).

And “KOL” turns out not to be “thugs” — although they were used as such in this instance — they’re “Key Opinion Leaders.”

Previously here:

The Meizu Vs. Xiaomi Weibo War, Part Three
The Meizu Vs. Xiaomi Weibo War, Part Two
Meizu Vs. Xiaomi Breaks Into Public War

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AnTuTu 5.1X Defeats Cheating, Onda V989 Delisted

The AnTuTu folks have a post about the three main ways in which AnTuTu scores are manipulated [Google Translate].

And they call out the Onda V989 as cheating, citing the score variation between 5.1 and 5.1X is larger than any possible margin of error — 35%:

In order to maintain a fair run sub-environment, we will Futuremark peer learning, we note that a tablet: ONDA V989, standard version and X version by contrast, a difference of 35% between the two scores, but also larger than reasonable error 10% 25%, the presence of the first three irrational behavior, decided to test scores removed from the rankings. In the next time, Ann Bunny will also be a series of other similar devices to combat activities, so stay tuned!

Boldfaced emphasis in the original.

So they’ve banned the Onda V989 from the list of AnTuTu rankings!

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Graft-Grabbing Bastard Writers

A Writerly Chill at Jeff Bezos’ Fire

When Jeff Bezos tells writers to keep quiet, they obey.

Let me get my stance on this out the way first: Fuck you, Jeff Bezos. Fuck you.

So for four years, unknown writers have supped and danced and played and took graft from Bezos and shut the fuck up about it.

To all those writers: Fuck you too. And out yourselves.

I’d be very curious to know if a certain whore who railed against self-publishing, then changed his mind, then changed his mind again and went with Amazon as his publisher ever attended. Yes, I mean you, Konrath. This is a question that will likely never be answered by him. He hasn’t the fucking guts to stand up like a man. Except as a pose to fleece his sheep.

Fuck all of you. Fuck you and your pro-Amazon posts that you wrote while Amazon freebies sat beside your keyboard. Fuck you for presenting yourselves as professional and detached observers of digital publishing while you weren’t. Fuck you for not having the backbone to stand up to The New Digital Man.

I knew that book publishing was filled with unprincipled underhanded double-dealing scum. But writers? Writers are supposed to be above that kind of shit.

Out yourselves, you fucking pig cowards. Cleanse what little is left of your soul.


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Ghastly Plagiarism On A Xiaomi Weibo

I do not make up this shit. The Weibo communiqué:


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Xiaomi’s Popularity Creates A Scalping Industry

ZooPDA — which has often been critical of Xiaomi — has published an exposé that reveals why Xiaomi phones often sell out quickly, leading many everyday people to complain they can never buy one at the advertised price [Google Translate; also drop URL into Bing Translator -- this needs dual translation!].

There are four types of scalpers. Perhaps the worst are the groups on QQ who “invest” in buying quantities of Xiaomi phones to resell at higher prices.

Even though Xiaomi has safeguards such as CAPCHAs to defeat bots and mass purchases, there’s software to circumvent that.

Another safeguard to prevent scalping is an SMS confirmation message. But that only led to the creation of a service that will “launder” the SMS!

This is an article someone really needs to translate into clear English.

I’ve always suspected that “limited” sales of the kind Xiaomi engages in would lead to abuse. But the scale of it is astounding. It’s an entire industry that’s been created to milk would-be Xiaomi buyers.

This further leads me to think that the reason why the MiPad went from limited to open sales so quickly is a lack of popularity. While it’s the best Android tablet available in China, Xiaomi violated its reputation for surprisingly-affordable pricing. That alienated potential buyers. Given a choice between the MiPad and an iPad, people would rather spend double for the best — or just spend far less for a “good enough” Chinese brand tablet.


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