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Spies Everywhere

Regin: Top-tier espionage tool enables stealthy surveillance

This all reminds me of that scene in Batman:


SPARKS FLY. A SAFECRACKER, in welder’s mask, trains a
blowtorch on the office safe. Behind him, Jack’s HOODS
are at work on the filing cabinets. Jack stands watch-
ing, squinting through the fumes. He holds a silk
handkerchief over his nose and mouth.

The SAFECRACKER kills his blowtorch and opens the metal
door of the safe, giving Jack a good look inside:


JACK shakes his head: they’ve been set up. A SIREN
blares outside.

We’ve been ratted out here, boys.

I really wonder about China-made tech now too …

… anything lurking in those phones and tablets that their makers don’t know about?

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“Buy From Our Store. We’re NSA-FREE!”

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China Android Malware Alert

Android smartphone shipped with spyware

Chinese Android smartphone comes with malware pre-installed

This is not good.

And yes, I do know my country’s NSA intercepts packages and plant their own spyware on them. I’m against that too.


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“Buy From Our Store. We’re NSA-FREE!”

Documents Reveal Top NSA Hacking Unit

Sometimes it appears that the world’s most modern spies are just as reliant on conventional methods of reconnaissance as their predecessors.

Take, for example, when they intercept shipping deliveries. If a target person, agency or company orders a new computer or related accessories, for example, TAO can divert the shipping delivery to its own secret workshops. The NSA calls this method interdiction. At these so-called “load stations,” agents carefully open the package in order to load malware onto the electronics, or even install hardware components that can provide backdoor access for the intelligence agencies. All subsequent steps can then be conducted from the comfort of a remote computer.

These minor disruptions in the parcel shipping business rank among the “most productive operations” conducted by the NSA hackers, one top secret document relates in enthusiastic terms. This method, the presentation continues, allows TAO to obtain access to networks “around the world.”

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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Who’s Paranoid Now?


When PDAs were the rage and smartphones were still primitive (the Treo had not yet been introduced), I dared to bring up the subject of data privacy on a discussion board. I used the example of Al Sharpton being arrested (he was always being arrested back then; NYC was in turmoil) — what would be the likelihood of the police confiscating his PDA and taking all of the info off of it?

I was basically jeered at and made to feel stupid and ridiculous. No one had the brains to see any of the implications of what I had raised.

Even today, with all of the NSA revelations, there are still those who smugly insist there’s no risk in using “the Cloud.”

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Chinese Products: Spying Inside

Via @stroughtonsmith:

Russia: Hidden chips ‘launch spam attacks from irons’

State-owned channel Rossiya 24 even showed footage of a technician opening up an iron included in a batch of Chinese imports to find a “spy chip” with what he called “a little microphone”. Its correspondent said the hidden devices were mostly being used to spread viruses, by connecting to any computer within a 200m (656ft) radius which were using unprotected Wi-Fi networks. Other products found to have rogue components reportedly included mobile phones and car dashboard cameras.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I never expected this.

It would be easier to plant software like that in a tablet made in China.

Do you still want to buy a Chinese tablet now?


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A Line Has Been Crossed

Forced Exposure ~pj

You’ll find all the laws in the US related to privacy and surveillance there. Not that anyone seems to follow any laws that get in their way these days. Or if they find they need a law to make conduct lawful, they just write a new law or reinterpret an old one and keep on going. That’s not the rule of law as I understood the term.

Bold and redfacing added by me.

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Fileserve Shuts Its Doors To Sharing Too

Click = big

This is no surprise. I learned last night that Fileserve also owns Filesonic, which closed to sharing first.

In the past, TV networks have employed firms to leak pilots to the Net to generate word of mouth. The best and fastest way to snag a copy was via locker.

I think the first to feel the effects of this will be TV viewership. People just aren’t going to bother to watch commercial TV as a substitute (or even Hulu). For some programs that originate overseas and will never appear in the U.S., there is no substitute. You won’t see the kind of post-cancellation cults build as they have for, say, Firefly.

Also, people will move back to torrents. But by the time someone wants something via torrent — having finally gotten the word of mouth — the Seeds are gone or are so few and the transfer rate is so slow that few people will even bother.

All of you praying for Apple TV to save your ass, do you really want to be just another bitch for a tech company?

In the physical retail world, there’s such a thing as breakage. These are inevitable losses incurred by shipping, warehousing, employee theft, and customer accidents. Breakage is how these lockers should be regarded. Anyone who thinks they’re the downfall of any entertainment industry is simply out of touch with reality and should just shut the fuck up.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that Hollywood wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for pirates. Had Edison had his way, it would have never existed and where would we be now? And where will we be with all of the lockers gone? If you think better, just go away, you have nothing to say.

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Copyright: Statute Of Limitations

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Copyright: Statute Of Limitations

From what point in time does the copyright statute of limitations begin to run?

Under copyright law, the statute of limitations tolls, or begins running, when the infringement is discovered. So, if someone republished your work as their own six years ago, but you just discovered it, you can still sue for copyright infringement. However, the issue is then raised as to the amount of damages you can collect.

This is bound to be a hot topic with rumors flying around Twitter that the logs of Megaupload are now in the custody of American Feds (and probably their pimps in Hollywood too).

America will probably be the first nation on earth to create a new class of jail: Copyright Prison.

The shit is going to hit the fan this year.

Americans will not continue to be abused like this.


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Occupy Jailbreaking

The Coming War on General Computation, Cory Doctorow, Presented at 28C3

So today we have marketing departments who say things like “we don’t need computers, we need… appliances. Make me a computer that doesn’t run every program, just a program that does this specialized task, like streaming audio, or routing packets, or playing Xbox games, and make sure it doesn’t run programs that I haven’t authorized that might undermine our profits”. And on the surface, this seems like a reasonable idea — just a program that does one specialized task — after all, we can put an electric motor in a blender, and we can install a motor in a dishwasher, and we don’t worry if it’s still possible to run a dishwashing program in a blender. But that’s not what we do when we turn a computer into an appliance. We’re not making a computer that runs only the “appliance” app; we’re making a computer that can run every program, but which uses some combination of rootkits, spyware, and code-signing to prevent the user from knowing which processes are running, from installing her own software, and from terminating processes that she doesn’t want. In other words, an appliance is not a stripped-down computer — it is a fully functional computer with spyware on it out of the box.

Because we don’t know how to build the general purpose computer that is capable of running any program we can compile except for some program that we don’t like, or that we prohibit by law, or that loses us money. The closest approximation that we have to this is a computer with spyware — a computer on which remote parties set policies without the computer user’s knowledge, over the objection of the computer’s owner. And so it is that digital rights management always converges on malware.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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Anonymous AntiSec Takes Down Stratfor

Update: December 25, 2011: There’s a press release stating this was not the work of Anonymous, from Anonymous. See it after the break.

Click = big!/OpCensorThis_/status/150665462055833600!/YourAnonNews/status/150667838309416960!/OpCensorThis_/status/150668164416552960!/OpCensorThis_/status/150667100271280129

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