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Onda Forum Now Has An App

In a Weibo communiqué, Onda announces an app for their forum:


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Voice Dictation: Android, iOS, Windows Phone


I like that Android doesn’t require a network connection.

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Techies Versus Adults

China Said to Exclude Apple From Procurement List

While techies casually dismiss these things …

The Apple Rat In Your Pocket
The Apple Rat In Your Pocket, Part Two

… in the real world run by adults, there are major repercussions.

Update, Friday August 8 2014: China: Apple products not banned from government purchases. As I first saw on Weibo this day, the original report was incorrect. So, for now, Never Mind …

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Google Books PDF Test: Surface Japan

Something is very screwy in Google Books PDF land.

I did a bunch of new tests yesterday.

It turns out my prior iPad Mini 2 test that I got so excited over was a mirage.

Surface Japan is a 13.38MB Google Books PDF. It should be a breeze for any tablet to handle. Especially the iPad Mini 2.

Instead … well, see the videos after the break.

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The Apple Rat In Your Pocket, Part Two

Apple Confirms “Back Doors”; Downplays Their Severity

Now lets talk about file relay. Apple is being completely misleading by claiming that file relay is only for copying diagnostic data. If, by diagnostic data, you mean the user’s complete photo album, their SMS, Notes, Address Book, GeoLocation data, screenshots of the last thing they were looking at, and a ton of other personal data – then sure… but this data is far too personal in nature to ever be needed for diagnostics. In fact, diagnostics is almost the complete opposite of this kind of data. And once again, the user is never prompted to give their permission to dump all of this data, or notified in any way on-screen. Apple insists AppleCare gets your consent, but this must be a verbal consent, as it is certainly not a technological consent. What’s more, if this service really were just for diagnostic use, you’d think that it would respect backup encryption, so that everything coming off the phone is encrypted with the user’s backup password. When I take my laptop to Apple for repairs, I have to provide the password. But Apple apparently has admitted to the mechanics behind file relay, which skip around backup encryption, to get to much the same data. In addition to this, it can be dumped wirelessly, without the user’s knowledge. So why does this need to be the case? It doesn’t. File relay is far too sloppy with personal data, and serves up a lot more than “diagnostics” data.

Previously here:

The Apple Rat In Your Pocket

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The Apple Rat In Your Pocket


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Death Match: Xiaomi MiPad Vs. iPad Mini 2

INPAI has done a thirty-nine part comparison of the Xiaomi MiPad to the iPad Mini 2.

The version broken into parts begins here [Google Translate]. The version on a single page is here [Google Translate].

I scanned it. I really don’t need such a comparison because the OSes are so different. Apple is able to tie iOS to hardware in a way no company using Android can.

What I found significant was this:


At the pixel level, the Xiaomi MiPad screen is not the same hardware as the screen of the iPad Mini 2. INPAI says the MiPad screen is the one generally found in all Retina-class IPS tablets and phones in China.

For previous Xiaomi MiPad posts click here

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Multiwindowing iPad Mini


In a sense.

It’s ProWidgets, something available only to people who jailbreak iOS.

See video after the break.

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Apple’s Plan For Multitasking For Babies

Apple plans to match Microsoft Surface with split-screen iPad multitasking in iOS 8

The feature is said to be designed with the 9.7-inch iPad display in mind, and it is unclear if the feature will work on the smaller-screened iPad mini. The feature is said to work exclusively in landscape mode, which allows for increased screen space.

Wow. That is so lame.

Landscape only? Large iPad only? Two apps only?

If I was at Apple, I’d be damned insulted having it compared to Microsoft Surface — which has to be the model of multitasking for morons (yet is still confusing; go figure!).

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