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Five Shows iFive Mini 4 Box

In China, they seem to have A Thing about packaging. Even reviews review the damn boxes tablets come in.

But what to make of this, transmitted via a Weibo communique:


It looks like it’d contain a bunch of colored rocks and shells, not a tablet!

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Video: Xiaomi July 22, 2014 Conference Trailer


Xiaomi introduces new products at 2AM EDST (2PM local China time). The official Countdown Clock (which might also be a live video feed).

Same-day update: Or it could be 10PM EDST. Other reports in China said 14:00 hours (2PM locally), but the Xiaomi clock goes to zero hour at 10AM local China time.

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Teclast Adds “Buy” To English-Language Site

May 17th:


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China Is A Very Different Country

After the break, a comic strip that Onda sent out via Weibo.

You would never, ever see any American — and maybe no European — company send out something like this.

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The Hot Book In China Right Now

Xiaomi’s MiPad Weibo published a communique today that contains some staggering information about a book that went viral through social media:


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Is Teclast Thinking Of Build To Order Tablets?

A very odd Weibo communique:


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China Tech Companies Are Better At Social Media

Since I’ve started following Weibo accounts, I’ve noticed a big contrast between the way Chinese tech companies use Weibo and American tech companies use Twitter.

American companies use it primarily to pimp themselves and their products. It’s basically non-stop advertising. It’s all about them.

Chinese companies do some pimping too, but they also provide actual useful information for users.

A good example of this is Xiaomi which, in-between running a bunch of contests for their users (instead of serving themselves, as most American companies do), today gave their users information on what to do if their phone is lost or stolen.

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Onda’s Toilet-Time Marketing

From a Weibo communique that isn’t exactly sensible in machine translation:


I can’t imagine Apple, Google, Amazon, Asus, Acer … or most other companies doing that.


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Xiaomi, Say What?


Uncle Sam used to shill a Xiaomi contest [Google Translate].

I’m wondering if the young Chinese seeing that even know it’s Uncle Sam. Or just some old guy in a costume…

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Another Peek Behind The China Tablet Curtain

Onda sent out this Weibo communique today:


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