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Lei Jun + Mark Zuckerberg

And why did he learn Chinese?

Weibo communiqué:


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Xiaomi Welcomes The Nexus 9

Xiaomi went against the prevailing trend in Android tablets and bet on a 4:3 aspect ratio over the majority of 16:9 and 16:10 tablets sold in the global market.

With the release of the Nexus 9 with a 4:3 aspect ratio, Google has validated Xiaomi’s bet.

A variety of Xiaomi accounts have reacted.

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Xiaomi MiPad Versus Nexus 9 And iPad Mini 3

Via Weibo, Xiaomi has sent out two comparison charts, pitting its MiPad against the new Nexus 9 and iPad Mini 3.

See them after the break.

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Sina Tech Writer Analyzes Appeal Of OnePlus One Phone In America

Weibo communiqué:


This is a big deal over in China, since the OnePlus One phone is the first China brand to be just about universally praised in the top-tier American tech press.

The article is here (use Chrome or drop link into Bing Translator).

Previously here:

OnePlus One Phone Problems
OnePlus Tweets Then Deletes
OnePlus To Do A Tablet?
The New Plague: “Appointment Sales”

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CDC’s Frieden Makes Claim. This Is So No One Forgets.

Putting this here:

And as a screensnap to defeat revisionism:


Anyone can set a goal. Delivering is hard.

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Another Weibo War: Huawei Vs. Xiaomi

I wasn’t going to blog this because the Weibos were confusing. But Gamersky made it into an article.

And it’s all about chip resin [Google Translate]!

The current practice in phone manufacturing is to glue the CPU — and some other components — to the circuit board. This prevents them from coming loose due to a fall, or bending, or thermal expansion/contraction.

Apple does it with the iPhone. Huawei does it.

Xiaomi — at least with its new Mi 4 phone — does not. And they’re not alone.

But now accusations of Xiaomi being a low-class manufacturer have been flung around.

Stop it.

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Using Steve Jobs In Vain


What Chinese tablet company dared to use the image of Steve Jobs to excoriate competitor companies?

Can you guess before reading further?

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First Sony, Now Samsung

Exclusive: Samsung exits laptop market including Chromebooks

I don’t know anything about the European market.

But here in the American market, getting things into brick and mortar stores isn’t what it used to be. The selection at a place such as Best Buy is pathetic. Things have changed for the worst. If your product isn’t seen on a shelf, it basically doesn’t exist.

Is it like that in Europe too?


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Oh Snap!

And in case that disappears, screensnap:


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The Meizu Vs. Xiaomi Weibo War, Part Three

The Xiaomi forum has a post about the Weibo attack launched by Meizu adherents against Xiaomi and other phone makers [Google Translate].

Meanwhile, does anyone other than me recall the Meizu spinoff company, Bigertech, that was supposed to launch some surprising products? It had this home page:


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