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First Sony, Now Samsung

Exclusive: Samsung exits laptop market including Chromebooks

I don’t know anything about the European market.

But here in the American market, getting things into brick and mortar stores isn’t what it used to be. The selection at a place such as Best Buy is pathetic. Things have changed for the worst. If your product isn’t seen on a shelf, it basically doesn’t exist.

Is it like that in Europe too?


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Oh Snap!

And in case that disappears, screensnap:


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The Meizu Vs. Xiaomi Weibo War, Part Three

The Xiaomi forum has a post about the Weibo attack launched by Meizu adherents against Xiaomi and other phone makers [Google Translate].

Meanwhile, does anyone other than me recall the Meizu spinoff company, Bigertech, that was supposed to launch some surprising products? It had this home page:


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The Meizu Vs. Xiaomi Weibo War, Part Two

SOGI World has screensnaps showing some of the volleys exchanged [Google Translate].

ZooPDA has an article explaining the genesis of fan groups that led to the attack [Google Translate].

I usually check Weibo first because that’s where news breaks. Today I switched to checking China tech sites first because I’m in no mood to wade into the war that began yesterday. I hope it’s all over.

Previously here:

Meizu Vs. Xiaomi Breaks Into Public War

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Meizu Vs. Xiaomi Breaks Into Public War

There’s been an ongoing rivalry between Meizu and Xiaomi. I don’t know why or what the background is. But one of them has a bug up their ass and sometimes this becomes open warfare in public.

Like today, on Weibo.

First Weibo communiqué:


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Apple Reimagines The Wrist

In a Weibo communiqué, Xiaomi takes a poke at the Apple Watch:


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The Blacklist Returns September 22


NBC is pimping the hell out of it with ads all over.

But whoever Photoshopped Spader’s face so that it looks like plastic should be beaten with a stick.


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OnePlus Tweets Then Deletes

They tweeted this and then quickly deleted it!


The original tweet link.

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Weibo Isn’t Twitter


Yep, Onda’s corporate Weibo sent out that. Can you imagine Apple or Google or Amazon doing that?


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Another Bad Week For Xiaomi?

ZOL has an article that although sometimes rendered ambiguous in translation is nonetheless a bit scathing when it comes to the sales and marketing model Xiaomi has adopted and clung to [Google Translate].

It opens with a salvo lobbed at Xiaomi by someone who’s apparently prominent in China, accusing Xiaomi of design plagiarism and “hunger marketing” tactics.

What’s interesting here is that for the past two weeks I’ve seen on Weibo some salvos lobbed at Xiaomi — but I’ve seen these salvos only when replied to by Xiaomi on one of their accounts. In other words, had Xiaomi just ignored them, as an outsider I wouldn’t have seen any of this sniping take place. I’ve never seen companies snipe at each other on Twitter. They’ve been playful on Twitter, but never mean. On Weibo, they’re going for blood.

ZOL then goes on to mention the fine Xiaomi had to pay after the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission accused them of miscounting and misrepresenting “sold out” flash sales. The difference was a few hundred units, below five percent of the total; even so, computers are math machines so how can you wind up with a wrong inventory count and casually excuse it? It would have been better for Xiaomi if, when claiming ten thousand units sold, they’d actually sold ten thousand and one hundred units and just claimed ten thousand. Had the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission complained about that, at least customers would have felt delighted instead of cheated.

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