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The Fewest Words Are The Most Effective

I just saw this ad on TV moments ago.


The least amount of words to deliver a message like a guided missile.

Really, did you think those other whips were made from oil?

I didn’t.

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A Change The Apple App Store Needs ASAP

Update: Someone on Twitter objected to this post. He missed the point. People who don’t have iPads would do this search, which is the entire point. For the longest time, Android apps could be searched for only on an Android phone or tablet. Google got smart and allowed web access, all of Google Play is now on the Net. You can also search for iOS apps and books via the Net now too. This post is valid (why else does iTunes still allow search?) and your shortsighted objection is why you fail — and also why the App Store is a mess.

Today I decided to play a little game.

It’s called Let’s Pretend I Finally Decided To Buy An iPad.

So I went to the App Store to look up one of the functions I need to carry out on any tablet: Photo Editing.

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My first full-time boss gave me a copy of this story to read back in 1981. Whoa. Talk about an eye-opener!

I managed to lose my copy long ago. And couldn’t remember the title. And couldn’t remember the writer. Neither could he. Keening ensued.

Today, thanks to Mathematical Fiction, I was finally reunited with MS FND IN A LBRY.

Which is something every single one of you should read!

How I love the Internet!!


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Apple Store-Like Design

I came across this new store on Fulton Street this morning. The design reminded me of elements of the Apple Store.

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The Bottom Line For All Developers

See: The Universe Is Stingy And Lazy

Rob Haitani who did the UI for the original PalmOS and its apps was so obsessed with simplification that he counted the number of taps users would have to do.

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Facebook Skype Video Chat Is Huge

I got on Twitter and also watched the live Facebook video of this announcement.

Yes, it is huge. Because it’s Facebook.

And that’s an entirely separate audience from the techies.

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Someday This Will Be You Too!

Why I just give up on Linux Desktop

Why? I’m old now. I have things to do. I want my shit to work out of the box. It’s just that simple. I don’t want to tweak my usb wifi stick to work; I just want to plug it in and have it work with out me configuring a bunch of shit.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

It’s not that you get lazy when you get older. Or become stupid. You have built up a wealth of experience. And because of that, time is valued differently.

So people who go around saying things like, “The iPad is for morons” or “Kindles are just for soccer Moms,” I’ve got news for your smug, younger ass: Someday that will be you too.

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Strange New Bible Translation

The Chronicle Project claims it has discovered a structure in the Old Testament that uses a scheme called Self-Defining Hebrew.

The hebrew language, was originally believed to have been a combination of other older languages, which evolved into the hebrew dialect.

The breakthrough in our understanding began with the concept that rather than an evolved language, it might be exactly as it described itself, the language of God.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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How Amazon Could Switch Over ePub Book Buyers

Amazon is very, very good with their strategy and tactics.

This week they announced eBooks are outselling print books.

But why did they announce that this week?

Next week is BookExpo America. The news released then would have made a huge splash, been a seismic shock.

This makes me think that Amazon has an even bigger announcement for next week, to stab the heart of BEA and cause weeping and gnashing of teeth.

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