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Lenovo Portable Bluetooth Keyboard


Digital Tail has a report about a portable Bluetooth keyboard from Lenovo that could be of interest to tablet owners [Google Translate].

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Teclast Announces AnAn Power Bank

Via a Weibo communique today, Teclast released this on an innocent world:


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The Xiaomi MiBand: US$13


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Capacitive Glass Keyboard


It’d be impractical for me. I learned to type on an old manual typewriter(!) and my fingers need keys to depress.

And yes, it’s glass. And will shatter if dropped. Wait for the sapphire version from Apple (ha!).

See more over at PC Pop [Google Translate].


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Another Peek Behind The China Tablet Curtain

Onda sent out this Weibo communique today:


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More About Flashing The Teclast X98 3G To Windows 8.1

cngadget has instructions in English.

But I also found a forum thread at ZOL that has lots of images that might also be helpful [Google Translate].


What’s also interesting is that I found a Youku video following the above process. I’ve ripped it and cross-posted it to YouTube.

See it after the break.

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Intel Z3735D Vs. Rockchip 3288

Thread: Pipo P1 and P8 tablets with RK3288

about new tablet’s specificantions and performance in general, I’ve seen that tablets equipped with Intel BayTrail-T Z3745D (as the new Teclast X98 3G) are even FASTER (and a lot cheaper) than Pipo P1. See 3D mark results for example.

So I do not think that RK3288 is the “CPU to go” now, also because BayTail CPU support x86 and 64bit, then can be aquipped with Windows 8.1 too.

BayTrail are built at 22nm, RK3288 at 28nm. So Intel CPU’s could probably drain less power.

For the reasons above I think Intel CPUs now are better solution than RK3288. And for the bad support of Pipo, I think that switch to another brand could be good too.

I’m just going to leave this here as one of those things that make me go, Hmmmm….

Feel free to agree or rebut in Comments, however.


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Cloud Can


Tongfang Technology (as per Google Translate; actual company name might differ) introduced a cylindrical media, security, home control, game server called the Cloud Can (which Google Translate awesomely renders as the Cloud Tank) [Google Translate]. It’s powered by an AMLogic CPU and seems to rely totally on sold state storage, with the lower-end of two models starting at 4GBs base expandable to 32GBs.

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New Video: Onda V819i Running Windows 8.1

Someone has better Youku video searching skills than me and cross-posted it to YouTube. This video is significant because it indicates someone has finally accomplished flashing the V819i to Windows 8.1.


The video is sideways, so be prepared to twist your head.

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The Future Is Impossible


At left, 1989. At right, 2014.

No company, no person, could have leaped from 1989 to 2014. It would have been impossible. So many different things had to be created, developed, and refined before we could have 2014.

And even then — All of the technology that enabled Apple to create the MacBook Air in 2008 was available to every other company.

Yet only Apple did it.

Le premier Mac portable de l’histoire [Google Translate]

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