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Retiring The Sizes Table

I’m pulling it out of Pages and retiring it as a post, here.

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Humility Smackdown

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This is a must-read: Shenzhen trip report – visiting the world’s manufacturing ecosystem

Two excerpts:

These chips were sold, not individually, but by the pound. Who buys chips by the pound? Small factories that make all of the cellphones that we all buy “new” will often be short on parts and they will run to the market to buy bags of that part so that they can keep the line running. It’s very likely that the “new” phone that you just bought from ATT has “recycled” Shenzhen parts somewhere inside.


The pivot from piracy to staking out intellectual property rights isn’t a new thing. The United States blatantly stole book copyright until it developed its own publishing very early in US history. The Japanese copied US auto companies until it found itself in a leadership position. It feels like Shenzhen is also at this critical point where a country/ecosystem goes from follower to leader.

They’re on the cutting edge over there.

If the current crop of tablet manufacturers would get their shit together, they’d be like the Japanese car companies pummeling the American car companies back in the day.


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Nothing Yet Matches iOS Hardware

PadNews has a good technical analysis of why iOS hardware still kicks the ass of all others [Google Translate].

And that’s just on the hardware front.

With software, there’s just no contest under the hood between iOS and Android — or Windows.

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AnTuTu: Galaxy Note 3, Boost Max, HTC One Max


I’ve been looking at large-screen cheap phones sold in the U.S.. I guess this pushes the Boost Max (aka ZTE Max) off the candidate list…

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Internet Archive Book Images On Flickr


Millions of historic images posted to Flickr

It’s amazing. Go here.

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Samsung Galaxy S III AnTuTu 5B1

I just want to plop this in here so I can always find it.

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Onda Tablet Battery Balloons

My Onda Tablet is Pregnant!

When I wake up in the morning I found My Onda V711 tablet is splitting!!!!!! And the battery inside is becoming bigger and bigger! I’m not sure if it will explode any time, so I called Onda’s customer services number, and no one is answering!


That is scary. Never leave a charging device unattended and never go to sleep with one charging. Lithium-based batteries can be very finicky and unpredictable.


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Reference: Intel’s Confusing CPU Lineup


PCPop covers the Intel conference that happened in China this week and provides a guide to the variety of Intel CPUs available to hardware makers in China [Google Translate].

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Gene Simmons Is A Moron

KISS My Ass – Washed Up Rocker Tells The Poor To Worship His Money

You don’t remember the last poor person who gave you a job? That would be your audience at your last arena show. That would be the person who just paid $1.29 to download “I Was Made For Lovin You” on iTunes. That is the poor person who gave you a job.

All of the fortunes in entertainment are built on the foundation of customers who are poor. People who are poor need the fuel entertainment provides more than any self-absorbed one-percenter jetting around the world in first class or a private jet.

Never forget that.

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