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Ellie Kemper: Actress


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The Future Is Impossible


At left, 1989. At right, 2014.

No company, no person, could have leaped from 1989 to 2014. It would have been impossible. So many different things had to be created, developed, and refined before we could have 2014.

And even then — All of the technology that enabled Apple to create the MacBook Air in 2008 was available to every other company.

Yet only Apple did it.

Le premier Mac portable de l’histoire [Google Translate]

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How It Goes

“First, we’re going to take this gallon bucket to the faucet and fill it. Then we’ll take that gallon bucket and pour half of it into a half-gallon bucket. Then we’ll take that half-gallon bucket and fill this quart bucket. Then we’ll take the quart bucket and fill this pint-sized container. Finally, we’ll take that pint-sized container and fill this small glass. And we’re done. Is that all clear?”

“Um, why don’t we just take the glass to the faucet and fill it?”

“Why aren’t you being a Team Player?”

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Phones/Tablets: Bandwidth Matters

GizmoChina has a very clear post explaining what I tried to do here and here and here: Why is eight-core (octa-core) still slow on cell phones?

Memory bandwidth is actually more crucial.

Smart phones and tablets are all SOC, meaning the graphics core is integrated, sharing memory bandwidth with the CPU, with no independent memory. And resolution is getting better for phones and tablets, this puts a great demand on memory bandwidth.

Programs need to run inside the internal memory. If the processor is quick, and the memory access speed can not keep up, the system will still be slow. And as resolution increases, so will the demand on memory bandwidth.

When memory bandwidth is not enough and resolution is too high, no matter how fast the processor is the system will still be slow.

See the entire post — and bookmark it for future reference.


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China Establishes A Tech Beachhead

A new site called has popped up. (Get it? engadget but with a “c”.)

Their posts are short and to the point — and in English.

But I have to highlight they’re unquestioningly passing along Chuwi’s claimed 34,000-range AnTuTu score for the MediaTek 6592-based VX3. That’s not something I did.

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America 2014

How I feel most days now…

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“Given how long it’s taken for me to reconcile my nature, I can’t figure I’d forego it on your account, Marty.” — Matthew McConaughey as Detective Rustin Spencer “Rust” Cohl, True Detective

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My 2011 Is Your 2014

WARNING: From time to time, I get really pissed off and must do a Very Angry Post. This is one of those posts. Stop reading now if you don’t like such posts.

Here, 2011: Apple’s Next Greedy Move: Exclusivity

2014: Apple, Google offering game developers special incentives for exclusivity

Now just STFU when you find what I write hard to believe.

You are the idiot. Not me.

The shit I have to eat from people who can’t think…

Today I’m getting shit over Chinese tablets. Come back in three to five years when practically everyone is using a Chinese-brand tablet.


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Google Books Advanced Search

They removed this ability quite some time ago. I don’t know why because it’s often useful.

Anyway, it actually still exists despite the link no longer appearing.

Click here for Advanced Book Search.

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Chinese Livestreams Make Money

Lucrative Stardom in China, Using a Webcam and a Voice [If paywalled, plop the title into Google; could work.]

Live web shows are empowering amateur entertainers, some of whom can now earn $90,000 annually, nearly 30 times the average Chinese salary.


From a run-down apartment complex, Poison often performs live for more than 10,000 online viewers a night (a birthday concert once drew 36,000 viewers), making her one of the most popular performers on YY’s Entertainment channel.

I think this is one of those things that can’t cross cultures, just as Japan’s DoCoMo was possible only in that country.

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