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Diogenes And The Finger


Wikipedia: The Finger

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New Year, New Header

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VAO, ICs, And Our Global Frequency Future

People don’t want to read.

They just want information when they want it.

I see it at this blog too. People ask questions that have answers in past posts. But they don’t want to read or search. They just want to know.

All of the stuff I write that surrounds the information they want? It’s noise.

There’s really no amount of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that can connect people with what they really want.

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China Rising

I want to put this here for the future. To rub in the face of all the people who give me shit for paying attention to China.

Google Translate title and link: Historic breakthrough! Qualcomm Snapdragon processor will be referred to SMIC foundry

July 3, 2014, together with SMIC Qualcomm announced that they will work closely with the 28-nanometer process technology and wafer fabrication services, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor manufactured in China, for the whole of China’s semiconductor industry, which is a historic moment.

China is ground zero for the battle to determine CPU supremacy. Rockchip, Allwinner, MediaTek, and others are engaged in all-out war to win as the dominant CPU in mobile devices (which includes set-top boxes).

Even Intel has realized that China can determine whether or not they will stay in business, by seeking as many partners as possible in Shenzhen.

It’s way too early to see how this will play out. One misstep by any of them could mean instant irrelevance. Plus, none of them know what Americans are up to in their own labs (Apple does its own CPUs now and HP — that pathetic wreck of a once-great company — is betting on The Machine with memristors). And then there’s Nvidia, which needs to stay in the game because Xiaomi has anointed them in mobile with the MiPad.

In the short-term, we users will benefit as CPUs become more power-stingy, more powerful, and devices from Chinese companies get better with lower prices.


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I Don’t Play Games, But WTF


If 1Pad is to believed, just the description of this game is absolutely guaranteed fun mayhem [Google Translate]:

“Blood Bowl” is basically to play football with the role Warhammer game, players can choose players in humans, orcs, dwarves, magic mouse purgatory, elves, Chaos Legion and other six races, all twelve games per team.

Human and orcs and dwarves and elves?!1? As a team? LMAO!

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Lei Jun’s Tablet Manifesto

Earlier today: Lei Jun’s MiPad Challenge.

In Comments, DPyro gave me a link to an OCR of the graphic-embedded text. It turns out it was incomplete. Fortunately, 1Pad did the entire text [Google Translate]. That’s the version I’ve used as the basis to turn Google Translate into sensible English.

I’ve attempted to preserve his meaning while avoiding the mechanistic language of Google Translate. There’s a few places open to better interpretations — man, can Google Translate mangle things! — but I did my best and hope that I’ve brought across the spirit of his statement. I need to note that this shouldn’t be considered my writing. It’s based on the constraints of Google Translate.

For anyone interested in Xiaomi, you can’t get a better glimpse of it than this.

All of the text past this sentence is from Xiaomi.

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Lei Jun’s MiPad Challenge

Lei Jun, one of the founders and the most public face of Xiaomi, sent out this Weibo communique today:


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Intel Z3735D Vs. Rockchip 3288

Thread: Pipo P1 and P8 tablets with RK3288

about new tablet’s specificantions and performance in general, I’ve seen that tablets equipped with Intel BayTrail-T Z3745D (as the new Teclast X98 3G) are even FASTER (and a lot cheaper) than Pipo P1. See 3D mark results for example.

So I do not think that RK3288 is the “CPU to go” now, also because BayTail CPU support x86 and 64bit, then can be aquipped with Windows 8.1 too.

BayTrail are built at 22nm, RK3288 at 28nm. So Intel CPU’s could probably drain less power.

For the reasons above I think Intel CPUs now are better solution than RK3288. And for the bad support of Pipo, I think that switch to another brand could be good too.

I’m just going to leave this here as one of those things that make me go, Hmmmm….

Feel free to agree or rebut in Comments, however.


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The Small Tablet Market Is Doomed?

This is very odd.

Two opinion pieces appearing at PadNews on the same day that seem to reinforce one another.

The first argues that the smartphone is taking the place of small tablets, so small tablets are unprofitable and manufacturers are moving to large — ten-inch and above — tablets [Google Translate]:

Industry insiders believe that, over the past 7-inch tablet is mainstream, but for telecom operators and hardware vendors, selling 7-inch tablet to make money. Now consumers prefer large-size screen, plus telecommunications companies began to subsidize eight inches above models, the estimated replacement tidal wave of tablet, will stimulate demand for large-size flat growth. Moreover, now the mainstream 7-inch tablet is price competition, which also caused manufacturers profitability plummeted, so manufacturers have started digging flat added value and location of large-size flat, hard price competition in the Red Sea off the market.

The report opens by using the World Cup as an example of this shift, with a large number of people reporting they used a smartphone to watch it — or keep up with it — instead of a tablet. They claim the smartphone is the real “second screen” (the first being a TV), not a tablet.

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Reading Chinese Tech News Sites

Chinese tech sites are landmines ready to blow up in your face.

It’s only after months of reading them through the haze of Google Translate that the real picture becomes clearer (though never crystally clear).

After the break, what to look for if you want to DIY.

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Ellie Kemper: Actress


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