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Lei Jun’s MiPad Challenge

Lei Jun, one of the founders and the most public face of Xiaomi, sent out this Weibo communique today:


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Intel Z3735D Vs. Rockchip 3288

Thread: Pipo P1 and P8 tablets with RK3288

about new tablet’s specificantions and performance in general, I’ve seen that tablets equipped with Intel BayTrail-T Z3745D (as the new Teclast X98 3G) are even FASTER (and a lot cheaper) than Pipo P1. See 3D mark results for example.

So I do not think that RK3288 is the “CPU to go” now, also because BayTail CPU support x86 and 64bit, then can be aquipped with Windows 8.1 too.

BayTrail are built at 22nm, RK3288 at 28nm. So Intel CPU’s could probably drain less power.

For the reasons above I think Intel CPUs now are better solution than RK3288. And for the bad support of Pipo, I think that switch to another brand could be good too.

I’m just going to leave this here as one of those things that make me go, Hmmmm….

Feel free to agree or rebut in Comments, however.


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The Small Tablet Market Is Doomed?

This is very odd.

Two opinion pieces appearing at PadNews on the same day that seem to reinforce one another.

The first argues that the smartphone is taking the place of small tablets, so small tablets are unprofitable and manufacturers are moving to large — ten-inch and above — tablets [Google Translate]:

Industry insiders believe that, over the past 7-inch tablet is mainstream, but for telecom operators and hardware vendors, selling 7-inch tablet to make money. Now consumers prefer large-size screen, plus telecommunications companies began to subsidize eight inches above models, the estimated replacement tidal wave of tablet, will stimulate demand for large-size flat growth. Moreover, now the mainstream 7-inch tablet is price competition, which also caused manufacturers profitability plummeted, so manufacturers have started digging flat added value and location of large-size flat, hard price competition in the Red Sea off the market.

The report opens by using the World Cup as an example of this shift, with a large number of people reporting they used a smartphone to watch it — or keep up with it — instead of a tablet. They claim the smartphone is the real “second screen” (the first being a TV), not a tablet.

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Reading Chinese Tech News Sites

Chinese tech sites are landmines ready to blow up in your face.

It’s only after months of reading them through the haze of Google Translate that the real picture becomes clearer (though never crystally clear).

After the break, what to look for if you want to DIY.

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Ellie Kemper: Actress


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The Future Is Impossible


At left, 1989. At right, 2014.

No company, no person, could have leaped from 1989 to 2014. It would have been impossible. So many different things had to be created, developed, and refined before we could have 2014.

And even then — All of the technology that enabled Apple to create the MacBook Air in 2008 was available to every other company.

Yet only Apple did it.

Le premier Mac portable de l’histoire [Google Translate]

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How It Goes

“First, we’re going to take this gallon bucket to the faucet and fill it. Then we’ll take that gallon bucket and pour half of it into a half-gallon bucket. Then we’ll take that half-gallon bucket and fill this quart bucket. Then we’ll take the quart bucket and fill this pint-sized container. Finally, we’ll take that pint-sized container and fill this small glass. And we’re done. Is that all clear?”

“Um, why don’t we just take the glass to the faucet and fill it?”

“Why aren’t you being a Team Player?”

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Phones/Tablets: Bandwidth Matters

GizmoChina has a very clear post explaining what I tried to do here and here and here: Why is eight-core (octa-core) still slow on cell phones?

Memory bandwidth is actually more crucial.

Smart phones and tablets are all SOC, meaning the graphics core is integrated, sharing memory bandwidth with the CPU, with no independent memory. And resolution is getting better for phones and tablets, this puts a great demand on memory bandwidth.

Programs need to run inside the internal memory. If the processor is quick, and the memory access speed can not keep up, the system will still be slow. And as resolution increases, so will the demand on memory bandwidth.

When memory bandwidth is not enough and resolution is too high, no matter how fast the processor is the system will still be slow.

See the entire post — and bookmark it for future reference.


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China Establishes A Tech Beachhead

A new site called has popped up. (Get it? engadget but with a “c”.)

Their posts are short and to the point — and in English.

But I have to highlight they’re unquestioningly passing along Chuwi’s claimed 34,000-range AnTuTu score for the MediaTek 6592-based VX3. That’s not something I did.

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America 2014

How I feel most days now…

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