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Google Chrome, Windows XP, Twitter SSL Certificate Problem

This is what many people running Google Chrome browser with Windows XP are getting when trying to connect to Twitter:


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My Twitter Account Has Been Bombed Yet Again


It began happening live, in real-time, after I few tweets I made about an episode of Run for Your Life.

Yeah. Go figure.

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My Twitter Account Has Been Unbombed


This morning I still had over 16,000 Followers, of which over 10,000 were spammers.

Some time this afternoon Twitter eliminated them.

Thank you!

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My Twitter Account Has Been Bombed Again
Twitter Has A New Problem: Follower Bombing


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Twitter Has A New Problem: Follower Bombing

I signed into Twitter and looked at my Follower count.

Yesterday it was about 3,500-and something (maybe 3,572?).

This morning it was this:


It added over fourteen thousand “Followers” overnight.

No, I am not popular like that.

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Twitter Search Now Goes Deep

I use Twitter Search every week, sometimes every day.

So I’m very experienced in its past shortcomings. Most of the time, it’d crap out after a week or two worth of tweets. For some obscure searches, you’d be lucky to get a month (which would be a handful of tweets).

Today, the incredible happened. It went back to 2011:

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And I ran another search, a vanity one — because I know what I tweeted over the years — and that search went back to 2009!

Twitter Search is now a real research tool!


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Google I/O Live YouTube Adds Sidebar Chat

Click = big

I’ve never seen that before.

For all the moves Google has made to make YouTube “social,” they overlooked that obvious move — until now.

I’d like to see it across all of YouTube.

Google I/O Keynote livestream

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What’s Up With Me And Twitter? Part Two

I’ve unProtected my account.

It’s clear to me now that I can get along without Twitter just fine and there’s no danger of me returning there and using it as much as I once did.

From time to time I will tweet a blog post, pop in to ask a question (which usually never gets fucking answered — so much for “the conversation”), or pop in when there’s breaking live news (like the Boston marathon bombing).

Other than that, Twitter is generally irrelevant to me.

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What’s Up With Me And Twitter?


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Associated Press Twitter Hacked, Suspended

Within minutes of tweeting a false bombing attack at the White House, The Associated Press Twitter account has been suspended.

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Same-day update: This is yet another fake.


The account is filled with tweets about soccer and some tweets seem to be from someone actually British.

A fake account surfaced today. This account, with that tweet, has been around a while. If someone changed their Twitter account to that name and user ID (it is possible to do), that person is a dick. If this is the real account of the suspect, things are just getting even more weird.

Update after the break.

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Twitter Sockpuppetry Confirmed

Fake Twitter Followers Becomes Multimillion-Dollar Business

“Resellers lately haven’t been selling only accounts and followers, but are now getting into the retweet business,” Mr. Stroppa and Mr. De Micheli wrote in a report. They said prices range between five retweets a day for $9 per month to $150 a month for 125 daily retweets.

The Twitter account for someone who claims to be Cilia Poon, for example, includes a bio, in Chinese, a link to a Yahoo health blog with Chinese content and has tweeted over 17,000 times — but each tweet was simply a retweet of a tweet posted by The Next Web, a technology blog (in English), that wrote about the fake Twitter follower phenomenon last December. Each time The Next Web Tweets its content, the Twitter user Cilia Poon retweets its content right away. Digging further they found several more examples of accounts that appear to exist solely to retweet content for The Next Web. (Some more convincing than others.)

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

This has been happening for years.

How many advertisers are really addressing fake Twitter accounts?

Twitter has to stop this now.

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The Sockpuppets Of Twitter

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