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Only On Twitter


(Which, coincidentally, is also how Twitter should market its damn self. That. Where else could I see two writers talk to each other like that? Facebook? Puhleeze. Twitter should billboard the fuck out of everywhere with examples like that. And use the tagline, “Only On Twitter.”)

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Xiaomi Social Media War Room


A staff of fifty — so far — who do social media and customer service.

How many people from Apple, Google, or Amazon can you contact that way?

There’s no mystery about the success of Xiaomi.

They are where their customers are.


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Weibo Is Not Twitter

You can’t make this up.

Weibo communiqué:


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It Should Be For Real

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It’s Time For Apple To Copy Xiaomi

So many words have been written about Xiaomi copying Apple.

But there’s one way Apple should be copying Xiaomi.


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China Nudge Nudge Wink Wink Hong Kong

Weibo communiqué:


FireChat Messaging App Gains Users During Hong Kong Protests

FireChat at the iOS App Store (web ppreview page)
FireChat at the Google Play Store

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Two Puzzle Pieces: iLoop And Twitter

iWatch? No.

I think it will be called the iLoop.

Apple’s address is 1 Infinite Loop.

To call it an “iWatch” is stupid. They never called their music player an “iJukebox” or “iMusic” or “iPlayer.” Calling it an “iPod” left it wide open to do more than play music — as it eventually did; offering, for example, video and photos. And “pod” was a brilliant choice, since the iPod was white — and most people connected it to the white pods of the movie 2001.

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OnePlus Tweets Then Deletes

They tweeted this and then quickly deleted it!


The original tweet link.

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The Newest Twitter


For certain people, when you drop a tweet’s URL at the end of a tweet, it boxes it and shows it below, as seen above.

This feature hasn’t rolled out globally yet.

I haven’t explored all of its possible features, either. But Twitter is beginning to resemble Weibo with this.

Previously here:

Twitter Will Eventually Become Weibo

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Desperate Google Apologizes For Being Google-y

Three years later — when absolutely no one at all caresGoogle drops its Real Names policy for Google+.

Previously here:

Even Near-Death, Google+ People Still Don’t Get It!
Google Me-Too Minus
“Google+ Is Dead”
Goodbye Google+
The Google+ Real Name Policy Is Wrong

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