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Ghastly Plagiarism On A Xiaomi Weibo

I do not make up this shit. The Weibo communiqué:


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Chinese Government Interferes In Set-Top Box Industry

Recently the Chinese government’s SARFT agency issued new guidelines for Internet TV set-top boxes.

The restrictions have been very grim and have had a huge impact on the industry.

Today, Sina Tech News has an article about the impact [Google Translate].

Basically, the government is killing that industry. SARFT has come up with a “unified platform” that all OTT boxes must use. This basically wipes away all content box makers have offered and replaces it with government-approved content on a software framework the government has mandated. And this even affects games on such boxes.

The final paragraph sums it all up:

Instead, the biggest user may be affected, because for users, the benefits of the original Internet TV will disappear. Introduction of relevant regulatory policy, cottage box might be completely banned, users will only be able to buy the regular channels of Internet TV boxes. Even obtaining a license to continue to sell its products will be limited, and can watch the content will also be subject to strict controls SARFT.

Many Internet TV box players will simply go out of business and users will be subjected to what the government allows them to have.

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InB4 The Idiots Who Get PAID To Write This Shit

A sneak preview of what you’ll see from the iPhone 6 Plus owners on the Internet soon …

1) “Since I got the iPhone 6 Plus, I’ve hardly used my iPad Mini.”

2) “The big screen makes a big difference (pun intended).”

3) “Go big or go home, other phone makers!”

4) “This really needs a stylus. Apple could do it ‘right’.”

5) “Ever since Apple killed the Newton, I’ve wanted this.”

6) “I can actually write notes with my fingertip now!”

7) “Wow!”

8) “iPad Mini sales will probably fall now. Who needs it?”

9) “Apple didn’t follow that other company’s lead.”

10) “All other iPhones were just leading to this one, the 6 Plus.”

11) “Anyone who says this is ‘too big’ is an idiot!”

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“American Imperialists”?

A Weibo communiqué from someone connected to Xiaomi (an employee, I believe):


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Where Is Your Small Phone God Now?

In light of the new iPhone 6 Plus, this is being passed all around Twitter: Feb 13, 2012 — Samsung’s Galaxy Note is the most useless phone I’ve used

The phone is too big. You will look stupid talking on it, people will laugh at you, and you’ll be unhappy if you buy it.

Meanwhile, since I venture out into the Real World: April 7, 2012 — Samsung’s Galaxy Note Phone Is A Monster Hit


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We Are Not Cows

There’s Something Rotten In The State Of Social Media

In this blind drive for exponential scale the individual user loses all meaning, and has zero value to the business. The business now concerns itself with handling massive blocks of users — and of course algorithms are better at handling segmented groups that sit within monetizeable buckets. Algorithms are born designed to perform that sort of heavy lifting.

But there is certainly a moral argument that says services like Twitter are betraying the very individuals whose efforts built their businesses in the first place. The people who invested the time and effort that allowed the service to scale large enough to be able to IPO. Not that sociopathic corporations compute the logic of moral arguments, of course.

Another point worth making: It can be rather difficult to articulate exactly why a service like Twitter can feel so alive, when — conversely — Facebook, an apparently similar social service, can leave you feeling cold, suckered in, used and abused. Or indeed just bored by homogeneity.

But actually it’s really rather a simple distinction: one is the product of a single human mind; the other is the product of an algorithm. Twitter, as it (mostly) is now with users in the driving seat, is a service with a human soul. While Facebook, which long ago prioritized algorithmic logic over human choices, is just another mechanized process.

As users of Twitter have said repeatedly, Twitter doesn’t seem to understand why people use Twitter.

If Twitter thinks the only way to make a profit is to milk its users, then there’s a serious failure of thought in its leadership.

When the Algorithms take over, I’m out of there, period.


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Say What? Google Translate

I really don’t like to translate something twice.

But then there are times when it’s imperative:

Click = big

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WordPress Is Murdering This Blog

A fourteen page thread of complaints — Removing the scrollbar from the post editor one of the worst “improvements” yet — has disappeared from the WordPress forum after I left this innocuous post:


Same-day update: The thread is there. Because I was lame and relied solely on Search — like Search always works, huh? — I thought it was gone. It’s just now all the way back on page eight of forum topics:


The topic was hot and I couldn’t believe no one would post after me. But this is all my own stupidity.

Now back to the original post to testify to my stupidity …

The thread no longer appears in the list of forum topics and doesn’t even come up in Search!

Some kind of flag was set to turn it invisible except to those who know the direct URL!

Well, I’m a bastard who won’t be so easily stepped on. So now I’ve gone and fucked-up another thread — Beep Beep Boop screen is a joke. Is this a glitch? — with a post:


Rather than ban me again — without any bullshit grounds to do so this time — they’ve apparently made me an UnPerson whose posting can turn a fourteen-paged thread invisible!

Let’s see if my latest post turns a twenty-four-paged thread invisible too!

The paranoid bit of me is saying WordPress sent that other thread to Invisible Guantanamo because other WordPress users could click through to see my complaints here.

Let’s see what happens now.

Same day update: Well, what happened now is that I told people to ignore that post:


The temporary fix is still temporary. If WordPress is not going to restore previous functionality, just fucking tell us outright! I have better things to do than shit like this.

Previously here:

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WordPress Fucks Up Again


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WordPress Fucks Up Again

Post Entry now looks like this:


1) They’ve taken away the Proofread button. That button has saved my ass from embarrassment more than once.

2) There’s no way to set a link to open in a New Window. WTF!

3) I can no longer grab links from past posts. This is was a critical new feature I used all the time.

4) Once a Draft is saved, HTML code is now vomited all over the text, making it very difficult to manually proofread.

5) Updating a Draft versus Publishing a post is confusing as hell. There’s no Save Draft button, just a stupid Preview button.

Why the hell didn’t they just give us back the UI we had before, with the non-expanding textarea? Why change the entire damn thing and make it less useful?

Until WordPress fixes all of this shit, you can expect posting to be slower and probably filled with typos I can’t catch without machine assistance.

Someone over there really needs a beating.

Same-day update: More Stupid!

1) They took away the upper left corner banner link I would click to jump to my blog.

2) The list of blog Categories is now like four times as long because they inserted stupid space between each category.

3) I still can’t figure out WTF is up with Draft versus Publish. Must I always go to Status to manually tell it to Publish?! Why don’t you just give us a damn Publish button again?!

Second same-day update:

And there was a typo in this post. Give me back the fucking Proofread button, you pack of Prozaced-up knobs! Do any of you use your own damn service?

Third same-day update:

Why the hell do my Previously Here links now have blank lines between them? Are you people nuts?!!!?

Fourth same-day update:

There’s no longer a way to make a post a Sticky!

I can’t work like this. I’m suspending all new posts until WordPress fixes all this shit.

Previously here:

WordPress Stiffs Desktop Users For Mobile

Blog Notes: New WordPress Link UI

WordPress Gets A New Post-Publish Screen


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More Reasons To Despise The Techies


Arrogance Is Good: In Defense of Silicon Valley

Shitheads. Shitheads all the way down.

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