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Apple Gives Itself Unfair eBooks Advantage

This is the iTunes Preview listing for iBooks (which is now, with iOS 8, pre-installed on all iOS devices):


It has an Age Rating of 4+.

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Ebola: The Ad-Targeting Facepalm

Reminder: I don’t place ads here. WordPress does, to pay for me using it for free. I never see the ads since I’m always signed in to the blog.

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Adobe Digital Editions Is Spyware

Adobe is Spying on Users, Collecting Data on Their eBook Libraries

Now I wonder if Apple’s iBooks software collects data? I know that Kobo does — otherwise they couldn’t give out their steenkin’ badges.

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Another Weibo War: Huawei Vs. Xiaomi

I wasn’t going to blog this because the Weibos were confusing. But Gamersky made it into an article.

And it’s all about chip resin [Google Translate]!

The current practice in phone manufacturing is to glue the CPU — and some other components — to the circuit board. This prevents them from coming loose due to a fall, or bending, or thermal expansion/contraction.

Apple does it with the iPhone. Huawei does it.

Xiaomi — at least with its new Mi 4 phone — does not. And they’re not alone.

But now accusations of Xiaomi being a low-class manufacturer have been flung around.

Stop it.

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Using Steve Jobs In Vain


What Chinese tablet company dared to use the image of Steve Jobs to excoriate competitor companies?

Can you guess before reading further?

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Ghastly Plagiarism On A Xiaomi Weibo

I do not make up this shit. The Weibo communiqué:


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Chinese Government Interferes In Set-Top Box Industry

Recently the Chinese government’s SARFT agency issued new guidelines for Internet TV set-top boxes.

The restrictions have been very grim and have had a huge impact on the industry.

Today, Sina Tech News has an article about the impact [Google Translate].

Basically, the government is killing that industry. SARFT has come up with a “unified platform” that all OTT boxes must use. This basically wipes away all content box makers have offered and replaces it with government-approved content on a software framework the government has mandated. And this even affects games on such boxes.

The final paragraph sums it all up:

Instead, the biggest user may be affected, because for users, the benefits of the original Internet TV will disappear. Introduction of relevant regulatory policy, cottage box might be completely banned, users will only be able to buy the regular channels of Internet TV boxes. Even obtaining a license to continue to sell its products will be limited, and can watch the content will also be subject to strict controls SARFT.

Many Internet TV box players will simply go out of business and users will be subjected to what the government allows them to have.

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InB4 The Idiots Who Get PAID To Write This Shit

A sneak preview of what you’ll see from the iPhone 6 Plus owners on the Internet soon …

1) “Since I got the iPhone 6 Plus, I’ve hardly used my iPad Mini.”

2) “The big screen makes a big difference (pun intended).”

3) “Go big or go home, other phone makers!”

4) “This really needs a stylus. Apple could do it ‘right’.”

5) “Ever since Apple killed the Newton, I’ve wanted this.”

6) “I can actually write notes with my fingertip now!”

7) “Wow!”

8) “iPad Mini sales will probably fall now. Who needs it?”

9) “Apple didn’t follow that other company’s lead.”

10) “All other iPhones were just leading to this one, the 6 Plus.”

11) “Anyone who says this is ‘too big’ is an idiot!”

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“American Imperialists”?

A Weibo communiqué from someone connected to Xiaomi (an employee, I believe):


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Where Is Your Small Phone God Now?

In light of the new iPhone 6 Plus, this is being passed all around Twitter: Feb 13, 2012 — Samsung’s Galaxy Note is the most useless phone I’ve used

The phone is too big. You will look stupid talking on it, people will laugh at you, and you’ll be unhappy if you buy it.

Meanwhile, since I venture out into the Real World: April 7, 2012 — Samsung’s Galaxy Note Phone Is A Monster Hit


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