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Gene Simmons Is A Moron

KISS My Ass – Washed Up Rocker Tells The Poor To Worship His Money

You don’t remember the last poor person who gave you a job? That would be your audience at your last arena show. That would be the person who just paid $1.29 to download “I Was Made For Lovin You” on iTunes. That is the poor person who gave you a job.

All of the fortunes in entertainment are built on the foundation of customers who are poor. People who are poor need the fuel entertainment provides more than any self-absorbed one-percenter jetting around the world in first class or a private jet.

Never forget that.

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WordPress Stiffs Desktop Users For Mobile

They made a drastic, dramatic, and absolutely brain-dead stupid change to the posting area in WordPressdotcom yesterday.

Another WordPress user illustrates it:


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Onda V989 Press Material Laundered

And this time PadNews is caught laundering press material from Onda about the V989 tablet.

IMP3Net lead image:


PadNews lead image:


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The Silicants

The tech utopia nobody wants: why the world nerds are creating will be awful

The backlash against Glass is the implied rejection of the kind of casual sociopathy which leads a person to become a surveillance camera, to put a computer between themselves and their every interaction with other people. The philosophy of Glass is inward looking. It improves the life of the wearer at the expense of those around them.


A simple fact remains: there is something intrinsically repellant about a world in which our food, jobs and personal relationships are replaced by digital proxies in the name of ultra-efficient disruption. The geeks, with their ready willingness to abandon social norms, are pulling us toward a utopia nobody wants.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me throughout.

Silicon Valley is a very, very sick culture populated not by human beings, but by a new digital deviant hybrid species: Silicants.

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Idiot Reseller

Thanks to MHA in Comments for pointing me to this.

Reseller Onda-Tablet is staffed by morons.


Does this come with a valid Windows 8.1 license? Does it come with 32-bit or 64-bit Windows?


Onda V975w Tablet come with valid Windows 8.1 OS license and 64-bit.

Wrong! It’s 32-bit.

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Desperate Google Apologizes For Being Google-y

Three years later — when absolutely no one at all caresGoogle drops its Real Names policy for Google+.

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Goodbye Google+
The Google+ Real Name Policy Is Wrong

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Scarlett Johansson: Moron, Enemy Of Culture, Part Three

Scarlett Johansson wins defamation case against French novelist

However, the court threw out her argument that the book … “fraudulently exploited her name, her image and her celebrity” and should not be translated or made into a film, as planned. Instead of the €50,000 (£40,000) in damages Johansson claimed, the court awarded her just €2,500, plus €2,500 in legal costs, saying she had already talked about her private life in interviews.

She got just €2,500. She spends more than that on facials!

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Scarlett Johansson: Moron, Enemy Of Culture, Part Two

Scarlett Johansson wins case against bestselling French novelist

Scarlett Johansson Murdering Writers With A Flick Of Her Fucking Fingers

Previously here:

Scarlett Johansson: Moron, Enemy Of Culture

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Sketchy “Review” Of The Ramos i8Pro

I call bullshit here. I think this is a review done by Ramos itself and not by the credited reviewer.

1) He cites the “unboxing” — which was done by Ramos but was published under his byline.

2) This “review” has the same byline as the “unboxing” — which also raises my suspicions


I’m not running anything other than the PadHz link [Google Translate].

This practice of taking manufacturer-supplied content and laundering what’s basically marketing material into “reviews” is disgusting, fraudulent, has to stop.

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Me, Being Stupid (Not For The First Time)

April 15, 2011: Tablet Developments

Should Amazon come out with a tablet, it would summarily kill all the ones flooding the market this year.

It’s three years later.

Other tablets still exist and China isn’t giving up that market, either.

Having seen how their tablets have performed, I expect something similar to take place with the Fire Phone.

Yet it’s a testament to the image of invincibility that Amazon has nurtured that everyone thinks when they enter a market, they’ll own it.

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