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Another Reason The MSM Sucks

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More About Ebola

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Thunderbirds Are Go: First Word

Variety: Mipcom: ‘Thunderbirds Are Go,’ Starring Rosamund Pike, Takes Off in Cannes

C21Media: Thunderbirds get going at MipJunior

mipblog: Liveblog: “Thunderbirds Are Go” World Premiere TV Screening

Giles Ridge, executive producer of the show and SVP of content and brand development at ITV, talked before the screening, stressing the fact that his teams had been working on the projects for years

Boldfaced in the original.

So Gerry was betrayed for years. Bastards.

After the break, the first review.

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A Phone Safety Message From Xiaomi



October 10, 2014 · 10:03 am

Ebola Nightmares

Up front: Shove your accusations of “panic mongering.” Someone has to ask these damn questions.

UK Ebola case feared after British man dies in Macedonia

A British man suspected of having contracted Ebola has died in Macedonia.

The UK Foreign Office said it was urgently investigating the reports.

A British citizen travelling with the unnamed man said they had not been to any areas affected by the deadly virus, a Macedonian government spokesman said.


Later the government spokesman said the man’s travelling companion told the authorities they had travelled directly from the UK to Skopje.

Did he get it from the plane? If someone with Ebola gets bodily fluids onto a plane, is that plane then “hot” and able to transfer the virus to other passengers who happen to touch an infected surface?

And really, you better hope it was the plane that was “hot.” Because if it wasn’t, then there’s someone out there with communicable Ebola no one knows about.

Update: It wasn’t Ebola at all: British ‘Ebola victim’ in Macedonia did NOT have the disease and died after massive drinking binge, health officials say

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The Kool-Aid Generations

Trouble at the Koolaid Point

The real problem — as my first harasser described — was that others were beginning to pay attention to me. He wrote as if mere exposure to my work was harming his world.

But here’s the key: it turned out he wasn’t outraged about my work. His rage was because, in his mind, my work didn’t deserve the attention. Spoiler alert: “deserve” and “attention” are at the heart.

It might not be up for long.

And it’s a long read.

But should be read.

Do it now.


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Kathy Sierra


And it wasn’t good. Within minutes I knew: Kathy’s Gone Again

I know who wore her down. I saw the exchange after some searching. Like Tim, I won’t publish the name.

There are times I really wish to witness this.

Bastards must pay.

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The HP Death Spiral Begins In Public

Like I couldn’t see this coming.

The PC and printer division is incompatible with the Cloud Vision of Coporate-focused HP.

Ever since they stabbed webOS in the back and dumped it, this was the endgame for everything made for regular people.

They’re not going to have any good luck with the “consumer” spin-off unless they dump the HP name. It’s become poison. With their new low-end tablet focus, they’ve become an embarrassment to the once-prestigious HP name that created things such as the iPaq Pocket PC.

Same-day update: Hewlett-Packard Plans to Break in Two [WSJ paywall]


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FNAC In France: It’s Like Time Travel!

Martin Lopez sent me several photos from a trip in France where he visited a FNAC store in Paris.

It’s like going back in time to when New York City had the Virgin MegaStore! Except no American store ever looked this classy.

Images at the size they were sent; click to enlarge.


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Steve Jobs Sticker Street Art

Photos taken today, Tuesday September 30, 2014; resized, click to enlarge.


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NYC Bitcoin Center

Photos taken today, Tuesday September 30, 2014; resized, click to enlarge.


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