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San Gennaro Festival 2014

I happened to come upon the 2014 San Gennaro festival in Little Italy on my way to the ferry this afternoon. Most of the photos don’t need any explanation or commentary.


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Actress Jennifer Croxton


IMDB bio
Wikipedia entry

Someone has fallen down on the damn job at both places.

That’s her, in the above photo.

In one episode of the final season of The Avengers, Killer, Tara King (Linda Thorson) went on vacation. Mother (Patrick Newell) gave Steed (Patrick Macnee, also pictured) a fill-in agent, Lady Diana Forbes-Blakeney, played by Jennifer Croxton.

While no one could ever replace Emma Peel (Diana Rigg), Forbes wasn’t afraid to kick the shit out of larger men — and Croxton pulled it off with a vim and vigor not seen since the Mrs. Peel days.

So it’s a damned shame that role isn’t even mentioned in either of those inadequate bios!

This little post is my way of trying to correct that.

At least has it.


Jennifer Croxton
Avengers, The – Series Six


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September 16, 2014 · 10:16 am



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September 16, 2014 · 9:38 am

They Live On A Different Planet And Should Visit Earth




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Video: Teclast P98 Air


After the break, the official Teclast promo video for the P98 Air.

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Full-Of-Himself “Writer” Goes On Epic Comment Rant

FunBITS: Bears in Boats Fighting Crime

The guy claims he’s a “serious writer” (with Teddy Bears as his book’s characters?!!?) and goes on some kind of epic mental meltdown over in the Comments about a review of his trivial work.

Here’s a bunch of free clues for him:

1) If you call yourself a “serious writer,” we’ve already tuned out.

2) There simply is no right or wrong to reviews of fiction, despite what you learned in “University.”

3) You never debate a review. Not ever.

To compound it all, he says this:

If you think a well-reasoned, detailed response like mine is going to hurt a writer’s career, you can’t possibly know this for fact. It may have that effect or no effect or, in our media-hyped age, the exact opposite effect.

Yes, we can know.

We’ve seen you’re a dick whose writing was based on some sort of “formula for fiction” you “learned” at “University” and it resulted in something so lifeless that even a mild criticism of it sent you spinning into a mental orbit no sane person — or “serious writer” — could ever reach.

Whatever “writing career” you had hoped for is now over.

PS: Don’t bother leaving a Comment here, Harper. I’ll send it to the Trash without even reading it.


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Today’s Lesson

Never fight with someone on Twitter who owns a Samsung Galaxy Note.

Previously here:

The League Of Galaxy Note Women Update
That Samsung Galaxy Note Phone
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Happy Birthday, iPhone. You’re Doomed.
The Girl With The Samsung Tattoo

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September 2014 Tech Calendar

Sticky post. Scroll down one for new posts.

1st – Ramos tablets Ramos Announces Three Tablets

2nd – Meizu tablet Meizu: New Phone, No Tablet

3rd – Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Video: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

4th – Lenovo No post; nothing of interest to me

5th-7th – IFA trade show (various) Zzzzz … nada.

9th – Apple iPhone 6 Plus: A Screen That’s Not Magical, Apple Watch: I Don’t Care

10th – T-Mobile Uncarrier 7.0 T-Mobile Is Badass

16th- ZTE ZTE Announces US$250 5.7-Inch Phone

Will add others as needed.

Being listed here doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll do a post.


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Onda Forum Now Has An App

In a Weibo communiqué, Onda announces an app for their forum:


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