Teclast X98 Air 3G Dual-System User Reports, Again



Teclast again pimps user reports of the Teclast X98 Air 3G Dual-System at its forum (use Chrome or Bing Translator). This time they’ve provided a handy list of what I’m sure are the most complimentary posts — none of which I’ve read.

Previously here:

Teclast X98 Air 3G Dual-System User Reports
Teclast Ships X98 Air 3G Dual System
Teclast Dual-System X98 Air 3G: The Scam
Shock! Teclast X98 Air 3G Dual-System Android/Windows 8.1

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iFive Air To Be Released Next Week


iFiveAirRelease Weibo

iFiveAirRelease Weibo02

Previously here:

Prior iFive Air posts


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Blog Notes: Weibo Woes

Chrome browser won’t spit out an English translation of my Weibo feed.

So any Weibo snaps will look different for today as I reconfigure the warp core.


Same-day update: A reboot fixed the problem.


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Thanks, CDC. I Feel Safer Now.

October 5:

October 30:

The CDC finally admits Ebola can be transmitted by droplets.

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Nexus 9 Gets Unboxed


Phone Arena gets its hands on the Nexus 9 and unboxes it. See the video after the break.

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Chippy And The Cheap Windows Tablet

I swiped this photo from his Google+ album:


USB hub with SD adaptor, wireless keyboard and mouse adaptor, HDMI out to Full HD display, playing audio out to HiFi

Same-day update after the break.

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New Tablet From CUBE: i6

I monitor CUBE on Weibo and this is a surprising announcement that I’ve seen only at 1Pad [Google Translate].


This is another Retina-class 9.7-inch tablet but it uses the Intel Z3735F with a peak frequency of 1.8GHz. It has 2GBs of RAM, 32GBs of internal storage, 2MP front and 5MP back cameras, microUSB OTG port, microSD card slot, Android 4.4.2, no word on battery size — and 3G is China Unicom. And the screen is IGZO. GPS available but probably requires a 3G connection.

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Get Your Fake Touch ID On, Poor Boy!

Ashamed to be seen with an old iDevice?

Japan’s got your shame covered, homie!


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Thunderbirds Are Go Shown At BFI


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Blog Notes: Xiaomi Overload!

I see that sometimes Xiaomi fills Weibo with lots of news.

I’m also seeing that I’m winding up with a blog that looks like it’s primarily about Xiaomi.

I’m going to handle this differently, starting tomorrow.

I’m going to try to combine all of the Xiaomi news into one post, when possible.

That will make finding something via Search a bit more work but I think it’d be better overall for the blog itself.

By the way, Weibo for Teclast, Onda, Five Technology, and most other tablet makers are checked first. So when Xiaomi posts pop on the blog, that means there’s no Weibo news from the others. It’s only after I’ve done Weibo that I go to the China tech sites.


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