Mike Cane Has Left The Tumblr

I was using Tumblr.

Then hit all of its annoyances.

It’s really not made for real blogging, like this and this and this.

It’s really for short stuff.

That would be OK, except I kept wanting to do more.

But if I had kept to short stuff, even then it would have been inadequate because its Search is annoying.

Also, I really missed stats. I felt as if I was writing into a void.

So, here I am again, back at WordPress.

This will be like the Tumblr was. A place to drop stuff I need to refer to, but with better Search, stats, and the ability to do longer posts.

The usual obsessions: tech, eBooks, the Collapse Of All Things.


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4 responses to “Mike Cane Has Left The Tumblr

  1. Can we open a book on how long it’s going to take before you move to Blogger?

  2. kittent

    Glad to see your new blog. I liked the tumblr stuff, never got the hang of tumblr itself.

    Tried wordpress…blogger is easier. Why didn’t you like it?

    (Glad you have comments again.)

    • mikecane

      No easy stats, screwy and hostile way of posting photos (they change the filenames!), just overall clumsiness of UI too.

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