Yet Another Reason To Buy A Kindle

I found this over at The Digital Reader. It’s 28 minutes long but worth watching every minute of it.

It compares the Sony Reader Pocket Edition, Kobo Reader, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Amazon Kindle 2.

At 11:20 began the part that nailed the Kindle for me: highlighting passages.

I have a ton of book quotes stashed in my LifeDrive. I will often drag them out for blog posts. In this video, not only is highlighting easier on the Kindle than on the Nook, but the passages are saved by Amazon in the Cloud, where they can be searched and the text copied!

He demonstrates the saved passages feature by showing it on his iPad (simultaneously making me twitch for the iPad still prohibited by kittens).

There is a bit of unfairness in the video. He uses Text To Speech capability as a test, which the Nook doesn’t have. If the Sony Reader Touch Edition was in the mix, the Kindle 2 would have lost if touchscreen was a test. (In fact, the Kindle 2 should have lost in a touchscreen test against the Nook, if this had been offered as a test.)

Anyone who is wondering which eBook reading device to get must watch this video.

As I said: The Kindle has won.

This video makes it win even more.

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