I’m Now Using The Opera Browser

I was using Firefox 2.x (due to a weak PC), but yesterday Twitter was having a lot of API troubles and was breaking TwitterFox.

So I started using Chrome. I loved Chrome when it was 1.x, because it was so fast. Then it got slower and slower as they updated it. And now it makes this ginormous disk cache that just slows everything down — and kills pages.

Today I got fed up and went to Safari. But Safari takes too long to contact a page and I’m also sitting there staring at a blank tab while it enumerates how many items are completed.

So, doubly fed up, I finally broke down and got Opera 10.x.

My god! This thing is fast. Fastfastfast. Faster than I think even Chrome was at 1.x!!

So, if you’re out there with a weak PC or want to see if you can speed things up Net-wise, go and get Opera and give it a spin!



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2 responses to “I’m Now Using The Opera Browser

  1. richfinck

    Doesn’t Opera go through a server that speeds pages up? I always avoided it because of this. I want my shit direct from the horse’s mouth, if you know what I mean.

    • mikecane

      No, only if you use Opera Turbo Mode, which I’m not. This thing is so freaking fast, I cannot believe it. It’s like I just upgraded to a quad-core machine. No disk thrashing, no stuttering, no gotchas of any type so far and I’ve been using it flat-out since I installed it. Really, everyone should at least try it.

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