Austerity Britain

This looks interesting. Found it via: Your New Reading List: Dan Reiter’s Picks


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4 responses to “Austerity Britain

  1. Hey Mike! I’ve just caught up with your shiny new blog and dropped in to say hello. I have trying to avoid the iPad, so I’m glad to see you diversifying.

    Maybe a sequel would be in order: Austerity Britain, 2010-2015, authored by a certain G. Brown and his merry band of statist cretins.

    • mikecane

      I was at your blog again today. You’re doing a lot of nature writing. Will it be compiled for a book or is this just an interest of yours?

  2. Oh, those are old pieces I wrote in 1984-5. If you click the “Introduction to these pieces” link at the bottom of any article all will be explained. They’re not good enough to make a book, hack work really.

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