Donate Your Used eBook Device

eBooks for Troops Invites Kindle 2 Owners to “Support Our Troops – Donate a Kindle 2”

If you’re going to upgrade your eBook device and have no one to pass it on to, don’t be greedy and eBay it.

Donate it to one of our troops. While you get to sit at home and read, they’re out there in rotten lands risking their lives and spilling their blood.


We just got word that IRS approved @EBooksForTroops 501(c)(3) app. Donations officially tax-deductible at http://EBooksForTroops.orgFri Aug 20 15:48:06 via web



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6 responses to “Donate Your Used eBook Device

  1. Brooklyn

    Think this is a great idea, but you should realize that many people who sell their stuff do it to finance upgrades. Not everyone is ‘greedy’.

  2. Mike,

    Thanks so much for the mention. We are really excited for this program. We think it is a terrific way to give back to our soldiers, and really in the spirit of what we’re trying to accomplish with E-Books for Troops.

    –Ken Clark

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