Writer L.J. Sellers Does Self-Publishing

I critiqued the formatting of someone else earlier.

So what’s up with L.J. Sellers’ effort?

See after the break …

The cover is color. Excellent. This takes into account the fact people can read with color devices, not just a Kindle.

Blurbs. Ugh. First, the formatting here is poor. Second, I’m against blurbs in eBooks. If someone has downloaded a sample, that sample will do the talking, not blurbs. Blurbs are also more clutter to have to page past to get to the start of the story.

The formatting here is poor too. Surprising, given that someone was called in to handle creating the Kindle book.

I’d prefer more whitespace after the chapter heading, but this is otherwise good. Proper indents, no block paras with spaces in-between.

A good effort.

If you want to sample her book, click here for the Kindle Store listing.


Self-Publish Plunge

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