Opera Has Given Me Back The Internet!

I cannot rave about the Opera browser enough.

This is day three and it still shocks me by enabling me to do what no other browser has been able to do.

Today I discovered I can watch Hulu again!!

It’s “only” 380p (which is all I’ve tried, actually, because I was too busy watching something!), but even that was beyond the capabilities of Firefox 2.x, Chrome, and Safari on this weak PC. They’d make Hulu look like poor slideshows with the sound out of sync. With Opera, everything worked just fine!

It’s incredible how software can enable things I thought were hardware limitations.

It wasn’t this PC — it was the browsers I’ve been using.


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2 responses to “Opera Has Given Me Back The Internet!

  1. Yay! Opera loves you back. We are working very, very hard to make people feel *exactly* like this.


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