Kindle Outselling iBooks 60 To 1

To calculate: 200 books a day for the 30 days in a month is 6,000 books for Konrath just on Kindle, putting his Kindle sales at a 60 to 1 ratio (6000:100) when compared to iBooks. Whoops.

via Kindle Outselling iBooks 60 To 1

This confirms what I wrote a few weeks ago:

ePub supporters can also claim that the hundred-million-plus iOS devices out there gives ePub the device population advantage via iBooks. This too is nonsense. It’s only a potential population.

1) iBooks is still an optional download
2) ePub from Sony, public libraries, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble cannot be read by iBooks.
3) Even if iBooks was included with those devices, those devices do not guarantee readers

When someone buys a Kindle (or a Sony Reader, Kobo Reader, or Nook), they are explicitly stating they are a reader. So the population of those devices generally match the population of readers who use devices (I say “generally” because some people might discard them later on — after they break, for example, and not replace them).

When someone buys an iOS or Android device, there is zero guarantee that person will use it for reading or has any interest in reading whatsoever.

So having over a hundred million iOS devices says nothing about whether or not the device reading population will expand. It’s nothing but potential.

And that potential is a harder nut to crack than you might think.

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