The Incredible Hulk: The Psychic

I’ve waited well over twenty years to see this episode again, and today Hulu — and Opera — enabled me to do that.

In an otherwise forgettable series, this one episode stood out.

Brenda Benet plays a woman cursed with psychic ability.

She leads a life of isolation, living in one room in a seedy hotel and surviving by menial labor. That’s remarkable right there: the writers thought through what life would be like for such a person.

She meets Banner and while he’s visiting her, a newspaper headline informs him that a kid he believed he injured while he was the Hulk has died.

I think this might have been the only time in the series Banner believed he killed someone while he was the Hulk. It devastates him.

So much so that later …

… he writes a note and …

… is about to kill himself when Benet intervenes.

Seeing this episode all these years later, it doesn’t hold up all that well on its own. And that it struck me at the time as the best of the series will prevent me from dipping into other episodes (which I’ve all forgotten anyway).

There’s real-life sad irony connected to this episode too. At the end of the story, Benet’s character tells Banner that life is all about staying around.

Alas, Brenda Benet killed herself.

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