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Should ebooks pass the Walmart price test? | The Elementary Studio Blog

I went to the Kindle store the other day on my Kindle, natch. I was thinking about buying ebook versions of the ancient tattered Ian Fleming/James Bond paperbacks I’ve owned forever.

I was appalled to find the price set at $9.99 each! That’s $9.99 for an ebook version of a work by a deceased author that has been out in paperback for 50 years. That is insane. It’s more than new paperbacks cost. Who would pay that?

I would scan my old paperbacks, OCR them, and make my own ebook versions just for my own use, mind you before I would spend that much money on ebooks of older backtitle works. I probably don’t have to though. The text is probably right out there on the Internet.

And that’s the whole point. The major publishers haven’t learned anything from the music industry. If they settle on a reasonable price point, people are willing to pay a fair amount for ebooks and will continue to buy them legitimately. However, if they are greedy, and price gouge, people will find ways to get those ebooks anyway–for free–and the big publishers will be forced to change the way they do things, or fail.

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Oh yes.  I railed against the Ian Fleming prices just last week on Twitter.  And all of the texts are out there on the Net.  Not looking pretty, but they are free.

And Ian Fleming is dead, so it’s not like anyone is stealing from the guy who wrote them.

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Wake Up: eBooks Are Mass-Market Paperbacks


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Opera Browser Bug

It has a bug. It puts the cursor in the wrong position when I invoke Blockquote in creating a WordPress post — placing it between “t” and “e” — as simulated with a vertical line in this screensnap (the cursor goes invisible during a screensnap):

Click = big

One other Gotcha is that it handles Print format pages from Salon Slate articles weirdly. The page goes blank and the URL changes to “undefined” at the end. First time I’ve had that happen with any browser.

Aside from these two minor things, this is Day Four of me pounding on Opera and I’m still in crazy mad insane love with it!

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Wake Up: eBooks Are Mass-Market Paperbacks

Ebook Pricing and Other Things You Need to Know About

I’m calling this out because I’m amazed that people smart enough to be literate can really think that ebooks are too expensive. Did we not just see Amazon and several publishers almost go off a cliff together over that $9.99 price tag, which most publishers think is insanely low?

And yet publishers make money from mass-market paperbacks that are priced less than $9.99. In fact, that was an innovation at the time!

And then this kicker:

Granted, I don’t know much about what the average book buyer thinks about pricing, ebooks, etc […]

So just shut up then! Some of us do know.

And then this second kicker:

[…] too many people expect writers and publishers to be able to churn out high-quality literature for cut-rate prices […]

Guess what writers do without earning any money whatsoever? Write “high-quality literature” — because no publisher deals in that without a finished manuscript from an unknown writer. So writers will do what they have always done — take a risk writing something before anyone ever puts up a cent for it.


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Sense Of Entitlement? TV Show Creator Wants A Cut Of Hulu IPO Proceeds | Techdirt

Steven Levitan, a Hollywood producer of various TV shows is apparently pissed off that Hulu might be going public. He apparently complained on Twitter about how unfair it was that the makers of the shows wouldn’t get a cut of any IPO proceeds[.]

via Sense Of Entitlement? TV Show Creator Wants A Cut Of Hulu IPO Proceeds | Techdirt

Without going into the merits of this, I just have to say it made me laugh out loud.

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Photos: Ziegfeld Follies Women

Ziegfeld Girls

Large gorgeous photos. That’s only a small bit of the one of Louise Brooks.

Run and see!

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Topicality – Grasping for the Wind

E-Books are not books.  I make this statement backed up by decades of personal experience with real books. I even have a degree in literature, which presumably has some passing relationship with books and confers upon me no small amount of lettered expertise on the subject. The fact that books and E-books are entirely different entities can further be bolstered by a comparative physical examination of the two objects in question:  the real book has a physical presence, the E-book does not.

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Verizon HTC Incredible Froyo Fail | The Web

Verizon HTC Incredible Froyo Fail | The Web

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Kindle With A Five-Inch Screen

Kindle on Archos 5 (2)

Chippy did this post before I caved in saw the light and changed my mind about the Amazon Kindle. See his entire post: I Guess That’s @mikecane Sorted Then? (Archos 5 + Kindle App)

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Twitter isn’t your audience. It’s your community. – Hidden Frequency

Twitter isn’t your audience. It’s your community. – Hidden Frequency

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L.A.’s string of indie labels succeeds with a jack-of-all-trades approach – latimes.com

“I don’t want to hear some guy chomping on a cigar in Beverly Hills telling me it’s all gone pear-shaped,” said Jeff Castelaz, 37, co-owner of Silver Lake’s Dangerbird Records, which occupies a prominent spot near Sunset Junction. “The people who invented the paradigm and were trusted to run it let it run afoul. We have to fix it.”

via L.A.’s string of indie labels succeeds with a jack-of-all-trades approach – latimes.com

That goes triple for Big Six print publishers!

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