Len Riggio Must Resign This Week From Barnes & Noble

Not only has the guy just spit on all of his customers who bought the Nook.

He’s now been shown up by a young woman who read the very book he citedThe Count of Monte Cristo — on a Kindle!

Things I Learned While Reading on the Kindle

So a couple of weeks ago I mentioned reading The Count of Monte Cristo at a tender young age, and then there, before my eyes, in the Kindle Top 100 Free section, is the book itself! I remembered the basic plot line. A young man with a bright future gets taken down by jealousy and political maneuvering. He plots his revenge against the three men who caused his torturous imprisonment, then returns incognito as a count, wealthy beyond all imagining (how convenient).

I wondered if I would have a richer reading experience now that I’m a adult. Boy! The things I missed the first time around.

And the things I learned reading this book on the Kindle…


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