Uh-Oh! Kindle 3 Does Google Books PDFs!

In his video of the Kindle 3, Len Edgerly showed it handling a PDF file very nicely.

I wondered if that would be the case with a PDF from Google Books.

See my Twitter exchange with Len after the break.

@lenedgerly Try a Google Books PDF on it and see if it works. This one: http://t.co/UTepd0Y I did on iPad: http://t.co/pAmZUkg Whenever, tx.Mon Aug 23 15:17:08 via web

@mikecane Great God Success opens fine as PDF on Kindle 3 – I can use highlight, do notes, Google & Wikipedia but, weirdly, not dictionary.Mon Aug 23 16:57:55 via web

@lenedgerly It’s not slower than any other PDF?Mon Aug 23 17:04:37 via web

@mikecane Correction: I can move cursor in the PDF but can’t complete highlights. Find is also borked. WAS able to leave a note. Spotty.Mon Aug 23 17:11:32 via web

@lenedgerly Yeah, I expected problems. But how about speeding of opening and paging?Mon Aug 23 17:16:51 via web

(I meant speed there. Ugh)

@mikecane 11 seconds to open 317-page PDF from Kindle 3 home page, next-page sometimes immediate, sometimes 2 seconds.Mon Aug 23 17:22:41 via web

@lenedgerly That’s about what I expected. Thanks for testing, Len!Mon Aug 23 17:25:57 via web

Google Book PDFs are problem children. They have an OCR layer (plaintext, no doubt with many typos!) inside them. They taxed the iPhone whenever I tried them and worked OK when viewed while connected to Google Books on the iPad (I haven’t yet tried the iPhone 4).

I asked Len to try one of the smaller PDFs too — just 3.09MBs. Some of them are really massive at Google Books, over 100MBs!

Soon Sony will announce its new Readers. I wonder how those will deal with Google Books PDFs?

And all those upcoming Android tablets too. And let’s not forget Google’s own Chrome OS-based tablet due November, cough cough.

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