Wake Up: eBooks Are Mass-Market Paperbacks

Ebook Pricing and Other Things You Need to Know About

I’m calling this out because I’m amazed that people smart enough to be literate can really think that ebooks are too expensive. Did we not just see Amazon and several publishers almost go off a cliff together over that $9.99 price tag, which most publishers think is insanely low?

And yet publishers make money from mass-market paperbacks that are priced less than $9.99. In fact, that was an innovation at the time!

And then this kicker:

Granted, I don’t know much about what the average book buyer thinks about pricing, ebooks, etc […]

So just shut up then! Some of us do know.

And then this second kicker:

[…] too many people expect writers and publishers to be able to churn out high-quality literature for cut-rate prices […]

Guess what writers do without earning any money whatsoever? Write “high-quality literature” — because no publisher deals in that without a finished manuscript from an unknown writer. So writers will do what they have always done — take a risk writing something before anyone ever puts up a cent for it.



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