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Don’t Underestimate the Barnes & Noble Nook

I read this with much disbelief.

But Barnes & Noble has a fine ebook reader of its own, the Nook, and its multi-platform Nook software (iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, PC, Mac) is uniformly excellent. The store is well stocked, by most accounts significantly larger than Kindle’s, and its prices for both hardware and content are competitive. It also offers a few key advantages, including a cool lending feature and support for rented library ebooks. According to Barnes & Noble’s quarterly report, customers have noticed.

So I tweeted him — twice — to ask if he actually owned and used a Barnes & Noble Nook. He didn’t reply, but his last tweet (at post time here) was 21 hours ago, so I cut him some slack on that.

He does, however, mention in the article — and in this article — using a Sony Reader Pocket Edition (yecch!).

How I found out his last tweet was 21 hours ago is that I went to his Twitter page. Where I also found this:

simultaneously loving the new kindle and mourning my now-stagnant bookshelvesFri Aug 20 00:39:23 via Touiteur

What I didn’t see was any mention of him owning a Nook. Nor did Topsy find any:

Someone has not been paying attention.


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