Remember This: Google Is Not Your Friend

voice calling from within Gmail could be pretty huge, I think — might replace Skype for a lot of people, or at least reduce their use of itWed Aug 25 17:02:20 via Twitter for iPhone

interesting move — RT @harrymccracken: Google is putting Google Voice phone booths (!!!) in airports and at college campuses.Wed Aug 25 17:04:41 via Twitter for iPhone

RT @richdemuro: What’s that sound? Wireless companies crying as millions of people ponder lower rate plans and less minutesWed Aug 25 17:06:53 via Twitter for iPhone

When Google Editions finally launches (Bueller? Bueller?), print publishing and all those desperate indie bookstores who have signed on will find out the truth.

It will be far too late, but they’ll learn the truth then.

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