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Ultra frugality: could you live with only digital possessions?

According to Sutton, “I’ve found that more stuff equates to more stress. Each thing I own came with a small expectation of responsibility. Instead of trying to distribute my time too thinly among all of my possessions, I will simply get rid of most of them. I will eliminate a large part of stress in my life and I will truly cherish the few things that I own”.

It sounds good but not many people reading this will put much thought into it.

You still wind up with stuff: Clothes — for seasons too (warm/cold), shoes, towels, bedding, grooming items, and the like.

And if you have a pet, add in its items (litter box, litter, toys, leash, etc).

The article mentions downsizing to renting a room. That’s a fiction from someone who has apparently never done that. I have, and in a rooming house too. That’s not really a life.

A wee house would alleviate some of the horror of single-room existence, but not all of it. In fact, it brings a new problem with it: Security — as in keeping robbers out when you’re out.


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