Nearly Blinded By A Pea!

Hmm. Wasabi Peas…. :-)Sat Aug 28 16:36:39 via TweetDeck

@LizUK SHARE!!Sat Aug 28 16:40:56 via web

@mikecane Back off, crazy dude. These peas are mine!Sat Aug 28 16:41:47 via TweetDeck

@LizUK HAHAHAHA! You get vicious with peas!Sat Aug 28 16:44:17 via web

@mikecane Yes, also, if I put one in your eye it will BURN!Sat Aug 28 16:45:53 via TweetDeck

@LizUK You know this will be a post now!Sat Aug 28 16:49:20 via web

@mikecane What? Blonde english girl threatening you with wasabi peas? LOL.Sat Aug 28 16:50:15 via TweetDeck


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