In Search Of … The Rubicon Entrance

I’ve finally caught up seeing the five episodes of the AMC-TV series, Rubicon.

Excellent performances — movie-quality — by everyone. The story seems a bit soapier than I’d like, but I’m still interested enough to keep watching to see where it all goes.

In the fourth episode, we got a glimpse of the entrance to API:

I wondered if this entrance was actually part of the building I located in the first post. This morning I was in Manhattan so I went looking.

At Front Street begins the block down Fletcher Street.

It looks spooky and forbidding in the shadows of morning. Also pretty anonymous.

The street is cobblestone:

Here we are, the area Travers walked:

Notice the graffiti that wasn’t there before! There’s also detritus from emergency medical techs strewn on the pavement!

And that’s it! The entrance to API!

The camera is real, not a prop!

The worn and anonymous door.

Cracked and patched pavement!

The doorknob and intercom.

Head-on. Look! There’s no frikkin lock in the door!

Walking away.

And it’s actually part of that building!

And what really goes on there, that it has two entrances, one of which is as strange as the side entrance?

And there’s a better photo of the two buildings that are in the background of the other episode.

Previously here:

In Search Of … The Rubicon Roof

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