The New Sony Readers: Initial Thoughts

I’ll have to see them for myself, but right now my thinking is this:

1) Apple pursued a high-price strategy and its market share withered away years ago. Now Apple offers more for less.

2) No wireless. Are they nuts?

3) Sony says focus groups said touchscreen was more important than wireless. Did Apple focus group the iPhone? No.

4) And dig this: There is note taking in all of them now. Did the focus group goobers who said touchscreen was more important than wireless also say they took notes? I doubt it! People who can’t figure out buttons most likely breathe through their mouths.

5) And explain, Sony, how people can use the Kindle OK with as many buttons as your original Librie had!

So, we have a high-priced product aimed at a low-IQ market?

None of this is a slam against the devices themselves (well, except for that No Freakin Wireless?!!? bit). From what I’ve read in the User Guide, they’ve made some interesting UI improvements.

But aiming at the masses with cable syncing while your two main competitors — Kindle and Nook — offer no cable/no computer use is just about Mission: Impossible.

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