I was culling spammers to trim my inflated Twitter Follower count (a trimming I hadn’t done in months) and from time to time I’d pop up someone’s profile to have a peek.

One person following me was Joe Tripician and I saw this tweet …

The Croatian govt’s PR man was known as “The Leni Riefenstahl of Croatia — but without the talent.” -Ebook excerpt. Sep 03 00:06:17 via web

… which was like bait to me. How could I not click through?

It led me to Amazon’s Kindle Store and this:

Balkanized at Sunrise: How a Sci-Fi Author Was Recruited to Keep a President from a War Crimes Indictment

OK, with a title like that, there was no way I was not going to grab the free Kindle sample.

I got it and opened it to check the formatting. Then I started to read and it was like the facehugger in the movie Alien: It. Wouldn’t. Let. Go.

The sample was short and I complained about that. So Joe sent me to Smashwords where there was a longer sample.

I started to read that — and interrupted it because I had to do this post.

Go sample it for yourself at the Kindle Store and at Smashwords.

When I download samples from the Kindle Store, I don’t do a post about them because the sample is my Books To Check reminder for later.

This book just made me break that rule.

Now go have a look.

I have to finish reading the longer sample now.


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2 responses to “Balkanized

  1. Thanks very much!

    There’s also a free sample (same length as Smashwords) at Scribd:


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