In Search Of … Kale’s Rubicon Office

In episode 6 of AMC-TV‘s Rubicon series, I noticed this:

That sent me looking at my API building stalker research photos.

What was interesting is that style of lamppost is not on the sidewalk in front of the API building!

This is the lamppost in front of the API building:

It’s an arc without any support strut. So, what was that outside of Kale’s office window? Were they shooting that interior in a different building?

Of course I went to look and brought back photos!

Oh look! What is this on the highway opposite the API building?

But does that line up with that shot from anywhere in the API building?

Let’s see!

That is right underneath the support for that lamppost, which is the only one near the API building at all.

But is the height correct? Let’s see:


And this is the photo that lines up and shows where Kale’s office is in the actual building they’ve been using for exteriors — and now proved to be for at least some interiors too:

I discovered something else:

In that window, set flats! Here it is close-up:

So, maybe the series hasn’t completed filing yet? Hmmmm.

Tomorrow, Sunday September 5th, AMC is running all of the episodes again.

The schedule is here.

Go on. It’s the holiday weekend!

Update: I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been consistently typo-ing “API” as “ABI.” I’ve fixed that here now.

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