The Screens Of 2014 Envisioned

Have a look first, my two cents after the break:

The stretchable screen is the I Want That! Moment, of course.

But the upright touchscreens are just lacking imagination.

First, large touchscreens are bound to either rest on an incline or on a stand that allows them to be stored upright (to avoid cat damage).

Second, having to reach up to touch a mirror is ridiculous. The mirror would sense head gestures for swiping. It’d also be voice-reactive (think PalmOS-style Graffiti, but for voice) — but she was brushing her teeth, so mumbling wouldn’t work.

What’s interesting is how much of this visualization is seeded by the innovations popularized by Apple. What would they have shown us had the iPhone never existed?

Thanks to @mrpower for sending this out on Twitter.

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