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I Am Personally Attacked By Sony

It’s a double stabbing!

A Red Reader.

With one of Stieg Larsson’s books (which I want to read).

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The Chainmakers Strike Of 1910

Breaking their Chains, Mary MaCarthur and the Chainmakers strike of 1910

100 Years ago the women chainmakers of Cradley Heath formed a trade union and won the first minimum wage agreement after a strike battle lasting fo 10 weeks. This increased the wages of the poorest workers by some 150% and remains today one of the most inspiring tales of workers’ struggle.

For those in the UK, it can be ordered in print.

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Stop Raising Our Rents In NYC!

You, you reading this. STAY WHERE YOU ARE! Do not come to my city. You are jacking up the rents for all of us. I shouldn’t have to compete with your hick lifeform and trust fund for housing, dammit.

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Go to Los Angeles instead. It has plenty of vacancies, apparently:

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Reference: eBook Price Comparison Sites

eBookPrice.Info: get the ebook you want, in the format you need, at a price you’ll like!

Inkmesh: Ebook Search Engine, Free Ebooks, Ebook Price Comparison

UPDATE: eBookPrice.Info is unreliable and might in fact be useless. Let’s hope it gets better. A sample search I did for “Ken Bruen” showed him only in Open Library. That is a major FAIL.

UPDATE: The UI is all screwy, at least when searching via writer name. Click on a specific title in the results to get a price comparison list for that title. I suppose that seems obvious to everyone out there, now that I’ve explained it, but coming in cold, it was not.

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Why I Never Have My Books Autographed

Every time a signed book is sold on eBay, an author loses her wings.Mon Sep 06 14:49:09 via mobile web

Writers probably think I’m weird, showing up at their signings just to thank them, to say I like their work, and to take some pictures.

But as you can now see, I’ve been doing them a favor all along!


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Happy Labor Day: Paid For With Blood

On Labor Day we honor all the Immigrants and Socialists who gave their lives so that we might have fair wages and safe working conditions.Mon Sep 06 14:44:51 via web

Go read The People of the Abyss by Jack London. Here it is for free in ePub (Save As…) and PDF (Save As…), courtesy of Infogrid Pacific.

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More Bad News For Print

In case you missed it, all Dorchester-Leisure titles are being returned by Borders, B&N, etc. Horror, romance, western, ALL TITLES.Mon Sep 06 14:50:38 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

UPDATE: Apparently he meant his titles, not everything that publisher has on store shelves:

The other big news I announced at Horrorfind is that I’ve reached an agreement with Leisure Books/Dorchester Publishing for the return of my back-list (The Rising, City of the Dead, The Conqueror Worms, Ghoul, Dead Sea, Dark Hollow, Ghost Walk, Castaways, Urban Gothic, Darkness of the Edge of Town and A Gathering of Crows). Print rights reverted back to me today. Digital rights will revert back to me on December 31st. What this means for you, the reader, is that all of those books will be disappearing from your local bookstore very soon.

This is not the first time I’ve been twatted by Twitter. Dammit.

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Writer Arjun Basu Makes Twitter Front Page

This is what I just saw when I went to sign in:

Follow @arjunbasu for some hilarious one-tweet stories he calls “Twisters.”

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Black Squirrel

They’re gray here. Although once in City Hall Park I saw some red ones.

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