Why I Never Have My Books Autographed

Every time a signed book is sold on eBay, an author loses her wings.Mon Sep 06 14:49:09 via mobile web

Writers probably think I’m weird, showing up at their signings just to thank them, to say I like their work, and to take some pictures.

But as you can now see, I’ve been doing them a favor all along!


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3 responses to “Why I Never Have My Books Autographed

  1. I always ask that my signed copies are addressed to me. I think authors should require that it addresses the person asking for it to be signed (or the gift recipient if it’s meant to be a gift).

    • mikecane

      What happens when you die? Do you specify in your will the book is to be burned? Do you know how many books I’ve bought from dead owners that have author signatures in them?

      • Some lucky person can then buy it for less because it’s addressed to some nobody but still contains the signature :P

        Honestly I don’t really care, the getting things signed is more about me letting the author know I like his work and appreciate it (and get a chance to meet them). Getting it addressed to me is just so they comfortably know that I’m not going to scalp it on ebay.

        I don’t care about who gets my books when I’m gone as they most likely won’t have much monetary value and I’m pretty sure my descendent will be better off with and more interested in my investment portfolio than my old books.

        Another benefit of having it signed addressed to my name is that on average people that borrow the books treat them better and remember to return them.

        But then again everything is moving to digital anyway. Just got my Kindle 3 on Friday, love it. Will most likely move away from buying much print except for authors I really love and want to get signed copies of at some point.

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