Bryant & May Return!

Twitter brings great news:

Bryant & May back on for a further mystery, ‘The Memory Of Blood’ – phew! Thank you for your encouragement and pleas to US publisher.Wed Sep 08 08:25:44 via web

Christopher Fowler’s Bryant & May series is on its way to the immortality it deserves. Publishers keep trying to shut them down as the Met Police keeps trying to shut down the PCU (you’d have to read the books to understand that sentence).

I’m telling all of you right now: Bryant & May will not die!

Surrender now and read Christopher Fowler’s fantastic series, starting with Full Dark House. All of the series is available in e at reasonable prices (except for the newest one, which is the fault of the publisher).

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  1. I stumbled across the Bryant & May series while participating in the Transworld Summer Reading Challenge (with On The Loose) and I have now also read Bryant & May Off the Rails (which I recommend!). I’m glad to hear the series will continue as I’m enjoying the stories.

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