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webOS App Review: Poster | AboutwebOS

As a WordPress user, I’ve been remiss in failing to provide a review of the excellent webOS app Poster. It’s been in the App Catalog for awhile now, and I’ve used it extensively for making quick edits at AboutwebOS.com as well as moderating comments. It’s a great app and should be installed and running on every WordPress blogger’s webOS device.

via webOS App Review: Poster | AboutwebOS

Hmmmm!  I didn’t know about this.


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Opera support for Google Instant: ‘shortly’ | Deep Tech – CNET News

On Wednesday, when the world’s dominant search company launched the Google Instant search-as-you-type service, a technically savvy section of Web users were left out: those who prefer the Opera browser.

But they won’t be for long, Google said Thursday. “We hope to support Opera shortly after launch,” the company said in a statement.

via Opera support for Google Instant: ‘shortly’ | Deep Tech – CNET News.

They better shorten that “shortly!” I’ve been wondering why I haven’t been able to see Google Instant at all.  For months I’ve put up with Google — via YouTube — yelling at me to use a “modern browser.” Now I am — Opera!  And they do this to me in the end!


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Expect the Unexpected | Mulholland Books

It’s a hugely arrogant thing, to expect the attention of a reader for over three hundred pages. Any writer worth reading is aware of that. Sympathetic characters can take you only so far, a good hook can do some good, but ultimately, what most readers need is to know that the story is not one they could make up themselves.

via Expect the Unexpected | Mulholland Books

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The I.O.U. Of Civilization

While Christian Europe was still enveloped in darkness, poverty and gloom, overshadowed by ecclesiastical intolerance, Muslims had established a highly advanced and sophisticated civilization that historians to this day have not satisfactorily explained. The Belgian-born American writer May Sarton, referring to Islam, said; “The creation of a new civilization of international and encyclopedic magnitude within less than two centuries is something that we can describe, but not completely explain … It was the most creative movement of the Middle Ages down to the thirteenth century.”

And while the Christian world dealt with those who dared to question established dogmas by burning them alive at the stake, Islam encouraged free thought and developed the rational experimental method, which is the foundation of modern science and philosophy. Before the Prophet Muhammad, people did not dare to conduct experiments, for fear of reprisal by evil spirits. Muhammad dealt a mortal blow to many false superstitions and elemental fears and helped to prepare human society for the great potential of scientific inquiry.

via IslamiCity.com – Ink of a scholar is more holier than the blood of a martyr.

On September 11th, some moron is going planned to* burn a Koran.  And “moron” is the correct term here.  It doesn’t take a frikkin scholar to see that civilizations rise and fall and that we are all indebted to everyone else who came before us.

Update: The moron has relented and said the event is canceled.

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Fun For (What’s Left Of) The Whole Family!

Play the new Monopoly Game “US Recession Edition” – Players have NO cash, houses don’t sell & the car token has family living it.Thu Sep 09 18:11:03 via web

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Read This If You’re Having A Bad Day

Clickety click

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Curationalization, Yeah, That Thing

Content & Curation: An Epic Poem

If you follow the discussion about content strategy and new-school publishing, you’ve probably seen at least a piece of the “content curation” tussle that’s been heating up on the web. Here’s the 30-second version:

NEWSPAPERS: “The youngs say they’re curating things, even though they do not work in museums.”

SOCIAL MEDIA/CONTENT MARKETING PEOPLE: “Content curation is the new old newness. You must pure-play some content curation to leverage your thought leadership. It has good info-molecule and is lemon lemon easy thing. AHHHHH.”

NEWSPAPERS: “THIS will save newspapers. This and iPads.”


So begins the hilarious opening to a serious five-part (plus Addendum) series about that hand grenade, “curation.”

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Some thoughts on metadata and authorship – Loud

Some thoughts on metadata and authorship – Loud

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Tweet Of The Day

@mikecane Even wearing a suit is blind adherence to a cultural disease. Like a military uniform is to the fascist.Thu Sep 09 12:51:38 via web

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Finally: Interster!

It finally has a proper entry in Wikipedia: Interster.

Only three years between the time I first heard of it and now. But in Internet Time, that’s long!

The previous trail at my other blogs:

At Mike Cane 2008:

Interster Episode Two: Saboteur
Interster Episode One: Proxima Clash
Interster TV Series Now On DVD?
Interster: Rare Puppet Series Pics And Videos!
Interster Still M.I.A.

At Mike Cane’s Blog:

Calling Out To The World Wide Web: Send Me Interster!


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