Finally: Interster!

It finally has a proper entry in Wikipedia: Interster.

Only three years between the time I first heard of it and now. But in Internet Time, that’s long!

The previous trail at my other blogs:

At Mike Cane 2008:

Interster Episode Two: Saboteur
Interster Episode One: Proxima Clash
Interster TV Series Now On DVD?
Interster: Rare Puppet Series Pics And Videos!
Interster Still M.I.A.

At Mike Cane’s Blog:

Calling Out To The World Wide Web: Send Me Interster!


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4 responses to “Finally: Interster!

  1. Good day, Mike. I’d like to inform you that a good friend of mine overseas went to the arse of getting the 2 DVDs of Interster which she copied and sent to me. I received them in the mail today. I’d gladly take some screencaptures detailing the episodes

    • mikecane

      Hey, if you want to do any kind of guest post with screensnaps, that’d be great too. Email me at mikecane01 -at- Note that I tend to forget checking email, so actually if you’re on Twitter, @mikecane is a way to let me know there’s mail waiting.

  2. crazy1980

    do you have any more episodes to download , please i am addicted to the show .. please

    • mikecane

      As far as I know, there were only 13 released on DVD. Those were posted to YouTube and were taken down. You’ll have to wait for the source to repost them. I think he plan to.

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