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AAP Brief Asks Court to Bar Importation of Unauthorized Works

AAP Brief Asks Court to Bar Importation of Unauthorized Works

Mark my words: If this goes through, the TSA will begin to confiscate books bought outside U.S. borders by individuals who purchased something to read while on vacation.

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BBC News – Don Johnson profit payout doubled to $51.2m

The original award of $23.2 (£15m) was made in July after jurors confirmed Mr Johnson’s claim that he owned 50% of the show’s copyright.

via BBC News – Don Johnson profit payout doubled to $51.2m

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One Damned Stupid eBook Article

The Future Of Reading

So here’s my wish for e-readers. I’d love them to include a feature that allows us to undo their ease, to make the act of reading just a little bit more difficult. Perhaps we need to alter the fonts, or reduce the contrast, or invert the monochrome color scheme. Our eyes will need to struggle, and we’ll certainly read slower, but that’s the point: Only then will we process the text a little less unconsciously, with less reliance on the dorsal pathway. We won’t just scan the words – we will contemplate their meaning.

The research he cites was the big Flavor of the Day months ago when it was reported in the New York Times. I didn’t bother to read it. I have enough experience to know that such “discoveries” are never universally applicable, too often reported outright incorrectly to begin with, and are then used as fodder to prop up some lame point of view from someone who didn’t understand what they read of the original misinterpretation. Which is how we all wind up with an incredibly stupid paragraph like the one quoted above.

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