I Smell Connections, Bribes, And Kickbacks

Suddenly, their house is taken over

A Long Beach couple struggling with mortgage payments find out their home’s been auctioned off by Wells Fargo when the new owner’s representative shows up on their doorstep.

Go read the story. I’ll wait.

This stinks. I mean worse than an uncleaned cat box.

I smell friends of friends here, connections, bribes, kickbacks, outright corruption.

A legitimate business just doesn’t do this.

Well Fargo has shown itself to be operating like a gangster.

If the Feds can’t smell this, they’re in on this corrupt game too. This has RICO all over it in big bright letters with an HTML BLINK tag.

How many of the record number of “foreclosures” have really been no more than this?

Keep feeding The Overthrow.

If you’re on Twitter, Follow @Future_shock who is chroncicling the downfall in tweets.

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