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Kindle Nation – SPECIAL REPORT: Results from the SUMMER 2010 KINDLE NATION SURVEY

There are indications that, if Amazon builds a future Kindle with enhancements so that it could serve as a delivery system for a wider array of digital content such as music, audiobooks, video, and games, large numbers of Kindle owners could come along for the ride.

88% already believe the Kindle provides “a superior experience” for reading books, but many respondents nonetheless are eager for a future-generation Kindle with a “non-reflective color touch screen that can be read in direct sunlight,” similar to the Mirasol technology for which Qualcomm is building a $2 billion manufacturing facility in China without specifying its partner. 31% said “I would love this” feature, 29% said they were “very interested,” and 28% said they were “somewhat interested.”

This is interesting, but I wonder. The raw data is too unformatted for me to make sense of and I’m not sure the raw data matters too much.

What matters is the reality of things. How people would behave if they did indeed get a color enhanced Kindle (KindlePad) with Mirasol screen.

Would the amount of time they used it for reading drop?


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A Party Of One

An island, a rock

Western studies show extroverts make up three-fourths of a population. And this majority has never been able to fathom or accept the loner: a mentally-sound individual with non-aligned sensibilities, who, for reasons genetic and/or nurtured, simply views the world differently, and correspondingly resides in it unlike the rest.

This one is hell to read. The text is tiny, typos galores, poor formatting, missing spaces. In fact, I had to clean up the above quote to make it presentable here.

But bump up the text in your browser and go — because it’s worth it!

And when you’re done, some of you will want this link: Party of One: The Loners’ Manifesto [Kindle Edition]


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Post Killed

You are not imagining things.

I had to go kill that post about Borders.

My wires got crossed with Jane Litte and it turned out the photo she took was from Barnes & Noble, not Borders.

It seems neither chain understands why it exists!

Update: Since the link to that post is being passed around Twitter, people are arriving to a non-existent post now and missing this explanation. So I’m making this a Sticky at the top until tomorrow.

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My Favourite Books

My Favourite Books

I must go to this site later to check for books to read.

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If You Are NOT A Native New Yorker, STFU


– Below the red line is Ground Zero.
– The blue circle is where the Mosque will be.

There is no Mosque at Ground Zero.

Above: Where the Mosque will be.

Above: Distance to Ground Zero.

Now shut up about it. This isn’t your city.

And start acting like an American.

Update: That Mosque will be two blocks away from City Hall, about six blocks away from Police Headquarters, and maybe six blocks away from the FBI NYC Field Office. You really, really think it will go unnoticed?

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New York City, September 11, 2010

All photos resampled and reduced to 640×480. Some zoom-cropped. Click to enlarge.

Over forty photos after the break, in the order they were taken, without any commentary.

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Barnes & Noble Nook In The Wild

Cropped-in zoom. Lousy photo, because I wouldn’t ask for permission, but that is a Nook in her hands.

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Borders Gets An Area E

Clickable for enlarging.


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How Android Gains Market Share

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