A Party Of One

An island, a rock

Western studies show extroverts make up three-fourths of a population. And this majority has never been able to fathom or accept the loner: a mentally-sound individual with non-aligned sensibilities, who, for reasons genetic and/or nurtured, simply views the world differently, and correspondingly resides in it unlike the rest.

This one is hell to read. The text is tiny, typos galores, poor formatting, missing spaces. In fact, I had to clean up the above quote to make it presentable here.

But bump up the text in your browser and go — because it’s worth it!

And when you’re done, some of you will want this link: Party of One: The Loners’ Manifesto [Kindle Edition]


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2 responses to “A Party Of One

  1. kitten

    Very interesting. You’re right, the original article was pretty poorly presented.

    You have also shown me a problem I have been trying to ignore, if/when my kindle ever gets here (it’s only been a week and a half since I ordered it, but I’m impatient.) I already have a print copy of Party of One…picked it up years ago. If I want to re-read it should I consider duplicating the purchase because I can have the book in two formats? It could end up costing me lots of money.

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