Goodbye, Sony

My patience with Sony has reached an end. Sony’s “Reader Library” is a miserable piece of unstable, unreliable software. Google “sony reader library problems” and you get over a quarter-million hits. MobileRead has some good forum threads discussing how to fix problems with the software (generally involving uninstalling the software via Windows Control Panel and then dumpster diving in your primary drive to locate and delete a mess of hidden files which Sony’s installer put there but doesn’t remove. Then you get to reinstall everything, download all your ebooks, and pray it all works.

via Goodbye, Sony

This is what happens when you let things fester.  While Sony’s Howard Stringer does ADD-like flitting, first pimping expensive Tiffanyesque OLED TVs and then Who Asked For This? 3D TVs, the fundamentals of the company are ignored, left to rot, and customers continue to be lost.

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