Gangster Banks

Big Bank Backs Down — For Now; Halts Foreclosure on Cancer Patient’s Home as Congressman Leads Vigil

Evictions of people like Naa-Anoror Okai and James Tillory. “I have proof that my bank changed my income, my marital status, and my ethnicity,” said Okai, who came out to show solidarity with Villanueva. After a Housing Commission worker found that the bank had falsified Fannie Mae documents before initiating foreclosure proceedings, Okai filed a lawsuit and sought help from Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-San Diego).

But when the Congresswoman contacted the bank, Okai said, “They wouldn’t return her calls…Instead of working with me, they sold our loan to another lender.” Okai wants to save her home, but also hopes to see her bank prosecuted by the federal government for fraud.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

There has been a strain of savage Internet writing where bankers were called “banksters.” I never joined in that.

But it seems they have been right all this time. For what is falsifying documents and committing blatant and systematic fraud for gain nothing other than gangsterism?

President Obama had better wake the hell up to what’s happening on the ground in this country.

Once the explosion begins, it won’t end until there’s been a coast to coast purge.

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