5 responses to “Twitter Misses The Metadata Boat

  1. Keishon

    I would like this. A Lot. That is all.

  2. Are you aware of Twitter Annotations? When this was announced, Twitter said it would be ready in the summer, but so far, no release date has bee set. My understanding is that part of the reason is that the Twitter dev team discovered that metadata wasn’t as dumb-simple as they expected it to be.

    • mikecane

      I remember some buzz about it but after that, nothing, so I ignored it. Some people have New Twitter today and the FAIL Whale has popped up on me 3x so far. Metadata I think would bring Twitter to its knees. But it’s still needed!

  3. kate

    > However, I think some people out there would just like to see my book-related tweets and skip the rest.

    Well, yes. That’d be me.

    I mean, the rest of the stuff is plenty entertaining, but there’s just more of it than I can keep up with. Some days the tweet stream felt like 40% mike. That’s hard to justify at work.

    Twitter probably has their hands full at the moment, though. Would you maybe just want to hashtag something consistently? Until they catch up to you?

    e.g. #epub or #ePrdctn. Or maybe #mikepub.

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